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Where I’m at

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So I’ve been doing full primary since. . . well, basically since I started a regular Ashtanga yoga practice because the local studio only had led classes. I had been practicing “other” forms of yoga for several years prior and had taken a few Ashtanga classes here and there, so I was somewhat prepared for the challenge. Somewhat. Anyway, right now I’m still practicing full primary, only I’m actually pretty competent now, but I’m having this annoying feeling I’m not getting anywhere. I think starting out with full primary in led classes gave me a false sense of accomplishment, and now I have to simply buckle down and refine all of my primary series postures and vinyasas. What hard work! But it’s slow going.

Yet I know the point isn’t to “get” somewhere, so I guess now is a great opportunity to get over the attitude of always getting somewhere! The place I need to get to is on the mat, and I’m doing that, so I guess I’m doing okay.


One thought on “Where I’m at

  1. Sounds like you are really finding your yoga!

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