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In other news, I enjoyed the delightful opportunity of subbing for an Ashtanga beginners’ class this morning. It was a little tricky not knowing exactly what the students had already been taught, but I think it went rather well. The only other beginner I’ve guided in Ashtanga is my significant other, so I’m pretty proud of myself for even getting through the 1.25 hr class without any major screw-ups.


2 thoughts on “Subbing

  1. Congrats on both cool job and the yoga class, and thanks for leaving the wisdom of your experience back on my post on ustrasana. I’m curious to know how long you taught Bikrma and why you switched to another method? I’m fascinated with all the ways we organize this essentially singular experience called yoga!

  2. Thanks. 🙂

    I taught Bikram for a year, and it was a great experience.

    Ultimately, though, Bikram really is just “26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.” Really. That’s it. No philosophy, no more advanced levels, very little connection to the larger yoga tradition. It’s a great–really great–for getting Western bodies and minds *started* on the yoga path, but there seems to be a point where it just doesn’t have anything more to offer for the more experienced practitioner. Iyengar, Viniyoga, or Ashtanga have much more to offer for all levels of practitioners because they are much more complete systems. So that’s why I switched.

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