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I got a job! A good one!


I got a job, doot de doo. I’ts real cool, doot de doo. (Accompanies moderately enthusiastic I-finally-got-an-effing-job dance.)

This is a non-yoga post, by the way. You really should just stop reading. I’m just excited about being employed.

So I have this pretty fantastic job as the coordinator of a college women’s center. The good news is that I landed a fun, creative job where I’m working in direct services. The less good news is that it’s only part time and I’ll still be earning well below the federal poverty line. The good news in that is. . . uh. . . it’s all so Bohemian starving artist or whatever. Who wants to work 40 hours anyway? The not so good news is. . . a person’s gotta have some savings, seriously.

But what it all boils down to, though, is that I can pay my rent and buy my groceries, so the pressure’s off in that department. If I want to live a little larger or start saving, I have time for a second job. I also have time to volunteer somewhere or teach a little yoga class at a community center or some such thing. And that’s pretty rad.


2 thoughts on “I got a job! A good one!

  1. Enjoy your job as long as you can. The beginning is wonderful, the middle part is wonderful and the end is wonderful, too. 🙂

    It sounds all very good. Congrats. Ursula

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