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I practiced backbending with dropbacks this Sunday with my S.O. assisting me, and, hot-damn, I think I’m finally close to doing them on my own. S.O.’s help was key (thanks, Z!) He gradually backed off to where he was hardly touching me so I had to lift up/drop back with only my own strength but so that I felt secure. And much to my amazement, I was able to do them without too much difficulty. Dropbacks for me are yet another one of those things where the mental obstacles are much larger than the physical obstacles, and somehow the mental ones tend to take longer to get over. In Mysore class this morning, I made a feeble attempt to reproduce what I accomplished yesterday with ease, but somehow I just couldn’t do it. It was as if I had sandbags strapped to my wrists. All in my head. Bummer.

But I’m not seeking insta-results here. I’ve long had weird fears about being upside-down, I was never very athletic, etc, etc, etc. I think I just need a few more practices with S.O. or a teacher to ingrain the feeling of dropbacks into my body, so I can just feel more comfortable with them. Then soon it’ll be backbending glory for me–bending back and standing up all on my own! Wheeeee!

Now if I can just figure out how not to flip out in Sirsasana all the time. . .


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