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Sorry to the guy I kicked in class today.

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Bet you didn’t know it was full-contact Ashtanga day. Thanks for being so gracious about the sudden contact my foot made with your hand. There are lots of blogging Ashtangis in Seattle–maybe you’ll actually even see this. Nice.

I don’t know if I’ll ever feel not-awkward in yoga class. I have my graceful moments, but somehow they feel like the exception rather than the rule.

Um, in other news, D has been giving me some really good pointers on dropbacks, and I’m actually starting to feel better about them. But why does he always decide to help me with dropbacks when I’m already in Karna Pidasana? Not complaining though, really. Late is better than never.

And apparently I’m going to attend the August teacher training on a part-time work-trade basis, fitting it around my work schedule. Wow. I’m going to be busy. Plus, they’re basically going to own me at AYS with the work-trade hours I’ll owe them! I wasn’t even planning on doing this training until D brought it up–what have I gotten myself into? But of course I want to do it–it’s a great opportunity to build up my yoga practice and teaching ability, and it’s actually going to fit my schedule and my budget. Or maybe they’re just trying to own me.

Really, I’m joking about that in this case, but once long ago, a certain Bikram teacher thought he could have me under his thumb as a yoga teacher by hooking me up with free classes etc. etc. It didn’t really work for him, but it was a leeeeetle creepy. Or maybe my cynical side is getting the best of me. Who knows? And who cares? I am a free agent.


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