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Ahh, Home Practice


I LOVE my home practice. I practice at home about one to two times a week, and it is such a nice change of pace from my yoga shala practice, which I do about four to five times a week. Sometimes in my home practice I just do plain old full Primary like I do at the shala, yet the feeling of it is different because I’m better able to tune into the sensations in my body and breath. Sometimes I do fun little sequences that I have made up for myself. If I’ve been feeling a little tight or closed off in the chest, I’ll do a series to open up my chest and shoulders and to invite deep breathing and relaxation. If I’ve been overworking my legs and hips in Primary Series, I’ll do a practice full of hip openers and hamstring stretches. And sometimes, even if I’ve practiced all week, I’ll do a little restorative session on Sunday just because it feels so good!

I really love that I’ve gotten to a place where I have both the confidence and the discipline to create a practice for myself and follow through with it. I like the balance I find in practicing 70-80% traditional Ashtanga and 20-30% self-styled flow yoga. I still feel connected to a rigorous yoga tradition, yet I have the freedom to listen to my body, to listen to my heart, and give myself what I need. “Listening to my body” can be used as a cop-out, as one of my teachers has explained, and I agree that it can indeed. But I would continue on to say that if one sincerely practices the discipline of listening to one’s body, in the context of a firm grounding in yoga practices and philosophy, one can truly take their yoga to a deeper level. Instead of relying on someone else to tell me, to give me, what is good for me, I myself must do the honest work of finding out what is truly good for me and I myself must create a way of bringing that into my life.


5 thoughts on “Ahh, Home Practice

  1. Hi,
    Guess what I also practice yoga at home. I try to practice every night for a least half and hour.

    I took classes before, so I just go through a routine, and I love it. It helps me to relax and make it throgh the day.

  2. Mmmm. I remember when I was first giving myself permission to break from the ashtanga series and go with my body’s own intuitive flow. It made me appreciate the anchoring of the ashtanga practice while also giving me a creative confidence to listen to myself. Like Iyengar says, yoga is no more than cultivating a deep-seated trust in one’s self. For me, my home practice makes yoga mine, not just a system given to me by someone else. It comes alive at hOMe. πŸ˜‰

  3. Yes. πŸ˜€ Thank you.

  4. interesting article.

  5. Lucky you. I still have a hard time overcoming my resistances. But I’m working on that.
    Thanks for sharing, that’s a bit of additional motivation.

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