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If I believed in a personal god-type-thingy, I would say she/he/it brought jump-backs into my life just to torture me. But I don’t. Instead, jump-backs just exist. And they torture me.

Now the funny thing is that I’m making good, even, satisfying progress on my jump-thoughs–they’re solid and graceful and I feel like I’m not too far off from completing them with straight legs. But with jump-backs, it’s like something is missing. Well, something is missing, and that’s ab strength. Sigh. I’ve started practicing with two-inch-high blocks, though, and I may be starting to see the light. I still don’t quite have the ab strength to get the lift I need, but I feel like I’m finally going through the correct motions, even if I still have to drag my feet on the floor before I can kick back into chaturanga dandasana. The modified jump-backs I was doing before were pretty much right at my level of ability, but they weren’t helping me move on. What I’m doing now is allowing me to make an itty bitty bit of progress every day. Even if it’s still kind of torturous. It’s hard to find the right balance of effort and relaxation with this kind of thing, because I don’t know where to back off. I pulled a shoulder muscle by working a little too enthusiastically on jump-thoughs the other day, and it’s driving me to Ibu, rare enough for me. But I’m still working on them.

Another thing I’m not sure of is what kind of role the bandhas play in jump-backs and jump thoughs. I assume they’re involved, but I don’t know how. Time for some research.


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