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Yesterday someone linked to my blog by searching the phrase “yoga butt.” Haha! Good luck, pilgrim, Seeker of Yoga Butt.

. . .

In fact, come to think of it, this post itself will boost my stats simply because it contains the word “butt.” Brilliant. Butt, ass, booty! Read my blog!

. . .

Update: Indeed, today has been my most-viewed day ever–even better than my original butt post.  LOL! 


5 thoughts on “Ha!

  1. It is amazing what searches bring people to my site. Yoga babes and Yoga farts seem to be favorites…:)

  2. This made me laugh…but seriously some of the stuff I see for search words and then stumble on my blog…I wonder what the heck! haha.

  3. Yoga babes and yoga farts. . . I’ll keep that in mind.

    Yeah, I’m curious what other search terms show up on people’s stat pages. 🙂

  4. that’s right, yoga dawg! I have a whole category devoted to yoga farting entitled ‘varting’. ‘bollocks’ is also a good word for getting visits.

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