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A&V Update

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I think I’m doing a little better at giving myself up to the process of my yoga without getting all caught up in what I think I should be getting out of it.  It’s not easy.  It seems soooo simple–just let go–but it’s not.  One thing that has helped is just being more appreciative of and content with where I’m at.  My hips are tight, my knees ache, and my core just doesn’t seem to ever get any stronger, but I’m here and I’m whole and it feels good to be practicing my yoga anyway.  I suspect that’s not quite what vairagya, or non-attatchment, is all about, but it seems close, and close is better than nothing.


One thought on “A&V Update

  1. I have been doing Kripalu Yoga…it’s all about acceptance at your own pace. I’m enjoying it!

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