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Musings on TT, Balance, and Gratitude


The Teacher Training has become much more tolerable now that I’ve gotten into the rhythm of things. Enjoyable even. Aaah. The organization, uh, style (minimalistic) is still a little crazy-making, but the content is good, the students are fun, the teachers know what they’re talking about, and all is generally well. I’m especially enjoying the guest lectures by JL on the Yoga Sutras. She’s super-enthusiastic about yoga philosophy (woo hoo, philosophy!) and moves at a fast clip. I appreciate that. But really, the key to me enjoying this training is having a relaxed mind and plenty of snacks on hand. Pleeenty of snacks, especially nice, sugary fruit juice.

Unfortunately it’s a little hard to have a life while I’m this busy. I guess the problem is that I’m trying to have a life in the first place while attending a TT. But things come up–my housemate wants to throw a party here next weekend, an old friend is in town for just a couple weeks and I want to see her, I naturally want to spend time with my lover, and god, I need a little time to study and do the groceries too. But I know I’ll have loads of time for all of this soon. I think sometimes being well-balanced doesn’t necessarily mean striking a perfect balance every day, but balancing things out over time, and balancing one’s approach to the events that come up in life. I’m busy right now, but I’ll make time for some serious relaxation in a couple weeks. My schedule is hectic, but I will remain relaxed and confident.

I really am grateful for all the wonderful things in my life, including this TT, my job, and all the other things that are keeping me so busy. Of course it’s not easy–nothing meaningful ever really is. I didn’t sign up for the path of ease; I signed up for the path of joy, fulfillment, and challenge. I signed up for reality and everything that goes along with it. So I’m grateful for all the fun, relaxing, and inspiring things, but I’m grateful for all the messy, hectic, ridiculous things too. Thank you, life.


2 thoughts on “Musings on TT, Balance, and Gratitude

  1. Why are some parts bold? Did you do that on purpose or did your writing just flow that way in your head?

    …I feel dizzy.

  2. Erm, if you’re skimming, you can just read the bold parts. All the rest is just fluff. Well, not really, but the phrases in bold are the ones I like the best, I suppose.

    Did reading my post make you dizzy? Sorry. 😛

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