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Mindbody Meltdown

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Oh, my body aches, but this isn’t the usual Ashtanga-induced soreness here and there. I’m having a whole bodymind shift. I think it’s largely related to having a new job–new routine, new stimulation, new questions, new people, new environment. So naturally, my body and my mind have reacted. I have the classic shoulder tension, but I’m having tons of other pains and sensations as well. I’m having sudden little fireworks–more like sparklers–in my lower back that are gone in an instant; I’m having wrist pain in one wrist and then another; I’m having MAJOR sensations in my hips any time I do ANYTHING with them; my knees are feeling stressed out and sometimes have sharp, tiny pains just under the patella; my digestive system is all wonky; and there’s probably other stuff too that I’m not recalling or not noticing.

In summary, it feels like: pain2.gif

As far as what’s in my head, well, I’m often feeling very scatterbrained and occasionally anxious, which is to be expected, but I’m often feeling very in love with the world and very absorbed in the moment, curious and content.  Strange.  And the whole mindbody mess began, starting with the hips, about four weeks ago, or in other words, when I started this job. And of course just after I started the job, Teacher Training began, which added to the craziness.

What a strange combination of thoughts, sensations, and experiences. What exactly is going on here? What’s next? Where will I go with this?


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