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How to get up at 5 am?


Starting next week, I’ll be teaching a beginners intensive series which meets at 6 am (SIX AY EM!) Monday-Friday. Dear god. Not only to I have to be awake by 6 am, I have to be lucid that early. Lucid and articulate, even.  That means I have to get up at 5-ish to pull myself together enough to teach at 6.

Now, the thing is I don’t mind getting up early- – I even consider myself something of a morning person. But I’ve become very strongly accustomed to my routine of waking up at 6:30, stumbling out the door to start practice at the shala at 7:00, coming home to have breakfast and coffee at 9:00 or so, and not talking to anyone until that time. I enjoy my nice, quiet mornings.  No major interpersonal interactions until after the caffeine kicks in.

I’ve been setting the alarm to wake me at 6 sharp, so I can start to adjust, and I end up sleeping even longer than usual!  I am so exasperating to myself.  Well, Monday morning will be do-or-die, so I’m sure to get up on time then.  And then I’ll start adjusting.  So what if my students think I’m cranky and weird for a little while?  They wouldn’t be so far off. . .

P.S.  Sorry for not writing, Z.  It’s just that nothing interesting happened for two weeks.  Plus I was putting off reflecting upon my teacher training.  Then I just decided not to reflect and instead write about what I want to write about, which I like much better.


6 thoughts on “How to get up at 5 am?

  1. Hi there, Vita. I’m thinking that I must know you because it sounds like you’ll be teaching where I used to practice? Are you in Seattle?

  2. Yep, AYS. You’ve switched studios?

  3. Yes, I go to troy now. How long have you been at ays? I was there for four years and left about 2 years ago.

  4. oh, and enjoy the intensive. getting up every day and doing that is hard, but teaching a group from the beginning for an extended period of time is so rewarding.

  5. i’ve only been at ays since this june.

    thanks re: intensive, but i just found out that it was canceled due to lack of enrollment. total lack of enrollment, in fact. ha! bummer.

  6. That is a bummer–how disappointing for you. You can get a little sleep though…

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