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Brrrr. . .

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Now that the season has turned, it is DARK and FREEZING (ok, 50 degrees F) when I walk to the studio in the morning.  It’s like someone turned a switch last Monday or so and it was fall.  I love fall, though.  But pretty mush only during the day.  At 6 am (still nighttime, IMO), though, it’s brutal.  You’re in a nice warm bed, with the bedding pulled up to your ears,  snuggling up to your lover who doesn’t have to get up for another hour, and then PING, that high-pitched, nasty alarm clock starts ringing and then you know it’s ALL OVER.  You can pretend it’s not happening, but it is- – PING, PING, PING- – so you might as well roll out of bed into the dark, cold world and get on with it.  Sigh.

Morning really is the best time for yoga though.  Too many things happen during the day that can throw off my practice if I’m trying to practice in the afternoon/evening. So morning it is.


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