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Skis and Squirrels


I just got my very-own first-ever pair of cross-country skis. Z and I are going to take up XC skiing this winter, and I’m totally stoked, because I haven’t been XC-ing since I was maybe twelve, and more importantly, because now I actually have a reason to look forward to the dreary, cold, S.A.D.-inducing, Christmas-kitsch-infested winter. So the big question is, will I be a kick-ass Nordic skiing goddess. . .


. . . or an uncoordinated, embarrassing (but cute!) disaster?


Only time will tell. (Come to think of it though, the skis on the Life cover actually look exactly like those I just acquired- – perhaps I should take this as a sign.)

I know what you’re thinking. Cross-country skiing takes about as much skill and bravado as sliding around the kitchen floor in your socks. Well, you’re wrong! It’s hard! And dangerous! It requires coordinating all four limbs. There are nasty gullies to fall into and trees to run into. And you have to ski uphill as well as downhill!

The thing is, I feel like I’m just naturally awkward and uncoordinated. You could say I’m not particularly kinesthetically gifted. Maybe it’s just the way I was born, or maybe it stems from a long-held distaste, first developed on the elementary school playground, for most sports. But either way, getting my right leg to do one thing while moving my left arm in such-and-such a manner while my left knee bends and my right arm does this-or-that is usually just a bit out of my realm. Not to say I can’t do it, I just require many, MANY more attempts than my more kinesthetically gifted counterparts.

On the other hand, perhaps I am underestimating myself. On the other-other hand, perhaps all my years of yoga have actually somehow helped me out in the coordination department. But any rate, I’m absolutely certain that yoga has helped me out in the patience, focus, and non-self-hate departments, and I guess that’s all I really need. Even if I am a skiing disaster at first, I’ll have the patience to stick with it, the focus to keep learning, and the self-acceptance to not think I am a terrible person for not being immediately skilled at something. Wow.

In other news, I am sitting alone in the kitchen right now and I can hear our dear pesky house squirrels industriously (and loudly) chomping through the wall in the bedroom. We’ve had squirrels living in the roof since before we moved in, but this is a new development. Good god, I think they’re going to tunnel right into the bedroom and move in with us. Little bastards.

Skiing and squirrels. This is going to be a great winter.


2 thoughts on “Skis and Squirrels

  1. I don’t think I’ll feel comfortable with you skiing around with a bow and arrow for a while.

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