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Do active dreams make you tired?


This happens to me rather often: my head hits the pillow, and two minutes later my brain takes off on all these crazy adventures in La-La Land that seem to go on forever, and when the alarm rings, it’s like I’ve just come home from running a marathon and all I want to do is sleep another eight hours. I wake up exhausted and confused. My brain is fried from all the weird logic and strategizing of my dreams, and I can barely cope with being in the real world again. I need re-entry time. The last thing I want to do is get out of bed.

Today, the last thing I remember before waking up is that I had chartered a huge Thai longboat and boatman to take me across a wide river on a gray, stormy day. The boatman had to dodge other boat traffic, and sometimes we would simply slide over the kayak-like hulls of other boats traveling perpendicular to us in order to keep moving ahead. The weather was getting progressively worse and the water rougher- – I remember the feeling of being buffeted by unexpected waves, some of which sent us flying. We were nearly to the other bank of the river and I woke up. Wow- – thank god I’m in a bed, I thought, because I need a nap!


It was 6:15 and time to jump out of bed to go to the shala, but I just couldn’t do it. It seemed wrong in my sleepy dream-logic mind. I didn’t end up getting out of bed until 8:00, major grasse matinée for an ashtangi. Lucky for me, I was able to have a good, solid one-hour practice at home this morning anyway. But these dreams. . .

So can dreams actually physically wear you out? Why do they mess with my mind so much? Am I crazy? Am I thinking too much during the day?

Heh- – I might make an interesting sleep study subject.


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  1. I hate dreaming. I love the blackness of my sleep, it’s dark, warm and QUIET. Sleeping after night-shifts when I’m pumped up with epinephrine is a nightmare. I live near the hospital district and I hear all those ambulances in my sleep and I think I’m still at work, so I jump up in bed. Or I hear imaginative i.v. drips beeping or the chief yelling. But most of the time, sleep is a black-out period for me. And I couldn’t cherish it more.

  2. I was thinking today the same thing. Im glad im not the only one!! If your crazy so am i! lol I dream constantly throughout the night, its like one stops for a brief pause and then melds into another one.
    I wake up feeling ready for a nights sleep.
    But when you really think about it, your experiencing the dream as you would in real life so it makes sense……
    I just want to feel like ive actually been to bed for eight hours!!

  3. I also experience this tiredness when I wake up. I have the most insanely vivid dreams you can imagine and a lot of them are terrifying nightmares e.g. escaping from a mental hospital in which i found loads of dead people. Trapped in an empty swimming people and being killed by a spear but reincarnated as another person also in the pool, again killed and reincarnated etc until I’m the last one there, then waking up into a different dream thinking it was real. However, some have been very nice like being in a tropical rain forest or something or being able to fly, finding the perfect partner or experiencing, like recently very intense visuals and stuff like that.

  4. I have always had a really, ehm, vivid subconscious. But what really enhanced it, was the anti-depressant medication i’m still on. My dose is nowadays really small and that has really calmed my nights down, but the “nightlife” before was sort of unbearable. I felt i had no sleep from my dreaming. I’ve heard that this belongs to the medication and is a way of dealing with difficult issues. But those nights really wore me out.

    Ashtanga has also helped. The more i practise and the better the continuity the better the sleep i get. Though i recently had a dream about a yoga class where i was made to do a whole lot of somersaults and cart wheels and stuff and i woke with my feet on the pillow, looking at my S.O’s feet…

  5. Haha. At least now we can all be comforted by the knowledge that we are not alone with our hyper-active subconsciouses.

  6. I am so glad I found this page, I was begining to think I was loosing my mind. I have always been a vivid dreamer and I remember them word for word. I can’t stop them either, even if I wake for a few minutes and try to shake it off I will go right back into it.
    Most of my dreams are I am working and just cannot catch up and it never gets any better. I am the only one working but people are just looking at me and not doing anything and I just get more and more behind.
    Then the children came and now I have dreams that I do something wrong and my kids are put in danger, I loose them, they get kidnapped, they are floating out to sea on a raft…. ect.
    Now I am going through a stressful time in my life and the dreams are becoming epic nighmares. They are compleate stories with huge plots and Bruce Willis action. They last all night I wake at one, two and this goes on till my alarm goes off and I am so physically and mentally tires I cannot funtion. The only night sleep I got was last week when I drank quite a few glasses of wine at a party and the night was quiet. But believe me I sure don’t want to drink a bottle of wine to get to bed.
    Last week I was so tired or into the dreaming I never even heard my alarm clock and woke two hours late for work. I called in sick and said I overslept so they didn’t think I was an idiot for not hearing my alarm.
    I have no mental issues or take any meds, I don’t drink or take any drugs, I just have a crazy night life. Do you think this is something you should go to the doctor with? what kind of doctor? This is really starting to effect the quality of my day hours and work and personal life.
    Thanks for letting me vent and wishing everyone a freat nights sleep. 🙂

  7. Christine, I hear ya- – the more stressful life is, the more you need your sleep, but the less you actually get it!

    I’m in no way qualified to give authoritative health advice, but since I’ve struggled with sleep problems in the past, I’m gonna share. Don’t sue me, k?

    Most importantly, is there anything you can do to unload your subconscious on a regular basis so it will stop unloading itself via dreams? Like talking to a therapist or at least a good friend who knows how to listen? (You don’t have to be crazy to see a therapist, just human.) Or how about journaling each night and then practicing some relaxation exercises right before bed? I personally find that helps a lot. And if you aren’t setting aside *at least* 8 hours for sleep every night, you probably just aren’t getting enough sleep. I don’t think a conventional doctor would be very helpful- – they’d just give you some crummy drugs. A lot of people find the herb valerian does wonders, though, and has no side effects- – you could talk to an herbalist or naturopath for more specific advice on herbs and other therapies. (I’m more of a fan of the journaling/blabbing-to-a-friend thing, personally- – works for me.)

    Good luck! Thanks for venting with the rest of us! 🙂

  8. Funny. I finally went looking for info that I’d wanted for a long time – I put in the phrase “Can dreaming too much make you tired?” into google, and this page was the first hit. As long as I can remember, I’ve had incredibly vivid and detailed dreams, which I remember when I wake. I am on a low dose of prozac right now for panic disorder (and yes, yoga helps mucho, esp my teacher training, which is leaving me exhausted every other weekend!), but I’ve had these dreams my whole life (maybe the aspect of your brain that makes you a vivid dreamer also make you more prone to depression or anxiety? Just like many artists and musicians have mental issues . . . ?). I believe that it is genetic – my grandma used to tell us stories each morning about her dreams, and my sister dreams vividly too. We even dream more vividly when we are together, even when we don’t sleep in the same room! Anyway, sometimes the dreams are obvious tied to stresses or concerns or events in my life, or sometimes tied to certain conversations or things I’ve seen. But most commonly they seem to be independent, chronological adventures. There is rarely abstract imagery – it is more like being in a movie (or sometimes, watching a movie!). Sounds like others might have the same thing. Quite often they are pleasant, or the feeling that lingers afterward is. But I rarely feel properly rested when I wake (and I’m only 28), so I’ve started to wonder if the amount of dreaming (or, maybe the intensity of the dreaming) affects the amount of restful sleep I get. While I don’t know if I dream for hours, or if I instantly “know” every event of my dream, I still feel like a lot of my night is spent dreaming. Anyway, glad I found some others who understand. I’m curious about both western and eastern philosophies about dreaming.

  9. Same here, I woke up and went to Google with the phrase “do dreams make you tired”. My dreams are movies! Long and complicated. Cities being flooded. Wars. Wandering in houses so huge I get lost, yet I know the house because I have been there before. I once experienced a life in the future with a family I knew, in a home I knew. There was no ‘script’ I was just there. Sometimes I am NOT me in my dreams, I mean I actually lose myself to become someone else. The most bizarre, I was a woman; so much so that when I awoke I was truly shaken to find out I was not who I had been dreaming I was. I once gunned down people on a dock in Miami and WAS the murderer. Could this be what a multiple personality disorder feels like, or is it a connection to other lives? I can even wake up in my dreams (lucid dreaming) but that usually shuts them down, I wander around a bit and interact with the scenery, I even experimented with touch and taste but because the movie is interrupted by my consciousness, it gets boring and I wake up fairly quickly. I have no drug issues, but usually drink some before I retire. I am very empathic, and slightly precognitive. I have no known personality disorders. A higher than average IQ (140). Streetlights have a tendency to go out just as I pass beneath them. Your guess is as good as mine, but I am glad to find out I am not the only one waking up tired. Now I wonder if all that running around counts as exercise while we sleep. Namaste

  10. David – you sound just like me – well, in fact everyone here does. I have super-intense dreams and remember every detail upon waking. I am exhausted because although I’ve slept, i don’t feel like I’ve slept, but rather like I’ve lived out an entirely different day/night/life in my dream. I don’t do drugs, drink, etc. and think I lead a fairly normal life. Streetlights also have a tendency to go out when I walk by, which I always thought strange, but figured I was just imagining it, or that it was coincidence. Now I almost wonder if there isn’t a group of people with strange energy signatures. I know that sounds a bit nutty, but let’s face it – the brain is bio-chemical and electric – and largely still a mystery. I also find myself lucid dreaming a significant amount of the time in these exhaustive dreams.

  11. Wow! what a page I landed on. Rarely I have come across anyone with so much commonalities; that I have always wanted to know. May be I have never shared the dream facts with enough people around me to know if another gets the same. If I will write then it will be exactly copy of all the above commenter. One more thing that happens to my dream fact is it stays on me like a “hang on” at least for six hours. Along with the hang on most of the time I have found similarities happening in my real life with that happened in my dream previous night (may be with a different object/subject/person but same sequence). I wonder how is it possible, how can I get a glimpse of next day while sleeping?
    Is there a way to find out answers to these dream facts.

    • This exciting idea is explored in An Experiment With Time by J.W. Dunne, but his work isn’t that well known. To quote Wiki – “Dunne’s theory, elaborated from years of experiments into precognitive dreams and induced precognitive states, is that in reality all time is eternally present, that is, that past, present and future are all happening together in some way. Human consciousness, however, experiences this simultaneity in linear form. Dunne posits that in the dreaming state this way of interpreting time ceases to be as concrete as when we are awake. Thus we are capable of having what we call precognitive dreams as consciousness finds itself free to roam across past, present and future. From this Dunne posited that we exist on two levels ourselves, both inside and outside time, thus suggesting the notion of Immortality contained in his later books The New Immortality and Nothing Dies.” Phew! It stunned me when I first read it and still seems feasible. This doesn’t answer the question why dreaming makes us tired – or does it?!! Dunne’s essay was first published in 1927 but is probably still in print.

    • Das, this sounds like me! The dreams hang on me for a couple of hours (not really six, for me.) And when I’m about to go to sleep the next night, or even if I become exhausted during the day, I start remembering the dream from the previous night and try to go back into that dream (or at least, my brain is TELLING me that it’s the dream from last night. Maybe it’s a de ja vue thing, where I THINK it’s the same dream but it’s actually a different one altogether.)

      In reference to people saying that street lights go out when they pass underneath them, maybe I’m just reaching here, but there’s a street light across from my house. It’s usually off. When I go out into my driveway, a good 10 yards from it, it flickers on. Then off. Then on. And sometimes the motion detector belonging to the neighbors way up the hill will go on when I’m in my driveway at night. For the longest time, I thought it was just that a cat or something happened by at that time. But it got to be every time I was in the driveway. (Not anymore. I don’t know why.) I had asked my husband if it was possible for the motion detector to be set to that much of a sensitive setting that it was picking up on me, and he said no, that it was too far away. Just kind of weird, and kind of fun to think about.

    • I also seem to have a fuzzy sort of precognition. Like I’ll have a dream in which a parrot is a central figure for a while and the parrot flies away and becomes lost. Then the next day, I’ll see a TV show in which there’s a pirate with a parrot who somehow becomes lost. That’s a hypothetical, but it kind of gets the idea across, I think.

  12. I have to agree with all of you…the same things happen to me…but the question still is…is there a cure??? how can we “quiet” our active dreams so that we do not feel tired in the mornings??? And has someone learned why we are this way?? What is causing the dreams?? Thanks!!

  13. I feel the exact same way and all my family thinks I am crazy. I sleep a good amount of time each night, dream SO vividly and wildy..and remember the whole thing. Then I never feel like I am rested and it makes me grumpy in the mornings. If anyone knows a cure for this…..I would love to know it! Glad I am not alone.

  14. I don’t exactly know what to say here. I have the exact same problem as you. I’ve already checked so many sites an so many responses – yours is the exact.

    Is there any way to stop them?

    I’m so very tired.

  15. I’m joining the club of Googlers who landed here asking the same question. This is definitely a place to commiserate, but where do we go for answers? I’m TIRED! I too have the amazing dream life, but my dreams are punctuated with waking, which is the really bad part. I had at least five different dreams between 2am and 5 am today – woke up at LEAST that many times, but I’m pretty sure even more than that!

    Has anyone else thought about using their crazy dreams as the basis for the great novel? Hehe Maybe being tired would be okay if we were rich and had more time for sleeping? Dunno.

    • I have thought about the book idea, have always wanted to write a book. I started a dream journal, but discontinued as I thought if anyone ever found it they would send me away. Hahaha. Anyway, I occasionally will wake in between, but luckily am not plagued as you are. Have you found anything that helps you?

    • I have thought that my crazy dreams would be a great novel. But then as the day wears on and I become more alert, I see the flaw in that (in my case, with those particular dreams.) In other words, what seems, in the morning, to be a sure best seller if only I’d write it down, is obviously not even close, after my head clears up in a couple of hours.

  16. Without sounding like a broken record, I am so happy to have found this page and so many like minded people!

    Every night when I sleep I feel like I am an actor in a movie and like david the main chararcter isnt always me. I can be a 12 year old boy or a 40 year old woman? And like Das I can sometimes dream scenarios that happen later in the day. With ours brains being so active it is no wonder that we are tired when we wake.

    Unfortunately I have no cure but have been advised by my kinesiologist to start paying more attention to my dreams and writing them down. . . . . . Watch out Steven Speilberg!!

  17. Thank goodness I am not the only one.. I see we are all asking how do we stop them and get a good night’s sleep I am afraid I have no answer either, though I did try the writing them down thing but I had too many and it disturbed my sleep even more as I would wake from one dream then have to write it down then sleep then wake and write – it seemed never ending!
    If you do fid a cure please put it on here!

  18. I actually cannot believe there is a whole forum on this. I just typed “my dreams are making me tired” and here you all are.
    I am just so sick of it. I go to bed early to try to get enough rest and end up flying out of control aeroplanes and starting new businesses, or just vividly dreaming about my work. I AM SO SICK of it. To be honest I’ve tried valerian and though it helps you sleep, I found that my dreams got more intense, and you build up a tolerance to it.

    Obviously no one has a cure, but its clearly a problem. Maybe I will go to the doctor and see what they say.
    I was also watching a day time talk show and they discussed this very same issue, but their solutions we like –
    -make sleep a priority
    -go to bed earlier etc etc
    nothing really to do with avoiding dreaming.

    Lets all make an effort to find a cure. And post solutions here.


    wont cure the dreaming but maybe will cure the subsequent tiredness.

  20. I have been dreaming so much lately in the past 3 months that I have been unable to get out of bed. I have a 8:30 class in the morning and I have missed many days sleeping in trying to rest up, but no matter when and where I go to sleep I dream constantly. It seems to be wearing my body out. What should I do? 🙂

    • I know how you feel! In the past month or so I have started remembering all of my dreams almost every night, when in the past I don’t remember dreaming at all. It makes me too distracted to hear my alarm, or if I do I dream its broken and I can’t turn it off or wake up. I have missed so many classes. It is very annoying.

    • Candis I am in the same boat. I have three children, and dream so much and am so tired I find myself in bed until ten or eleven. I feel so lazy, and I know my family sees me this way as well. It is really affecting my life as well as my families life. It is at least comforting to know I am not alone. I do take cymbalta, but have decided the tiredness was worth the anxiety control…….but these dreams are kicking my butt! Like everyone else, they are non stop. I hope sometime we see a cure on here…..maybe the relaxation exercises? I may try that……..happy slumber to us all

  21. I tried having a drink just before going to bed and it seems to help. However, I have not done it enough to see if this is it. I will let you know!!!

  22. Hey Dreamers – glad to know you’re out there too!
    You know, I wouldn’t want to eliminate this kind of dreaming entirely because although there are some terrifying adventures, there are some dreams that are so great and so real that the tiredness is sometimes well worth it. However, it would be great if we could learn a way to select nights where we could just sleep!
    Oh, and that streetlight thing? It happens to me too!

  23. This is crazy I have the same problem as all of you. I am always telling my husband that I feel like I don’t even sleep at night because I dream so much! I have all sorts of dreams though….I’m going to school to be a nurse so lately a lot of them have to do with what I am studying. Sometimes I have scary ones and then I wake up screaming thinking someone is in my room or I see bugs crawling all over my bed. I usually take a nap everyday! Usually about 3 hours after I woke up I want to go to sleep soooo bad. Sometimes I can and sometimes i can’t depending on my schedule. I have a young daughter, so I can usually only nap when she does. My husband at times gets frustrated cuz I nap so much, but I really wish he could feel how tired I am. I thought about asking the doctor, but I never do. It does interfere w/my life because with going to school and having a young daughter I can only study when she is asleep and I find it hard because when she sleeps all I want to do is sleep! I had this problem before I had her so its def. not getting enough sleep. She sleeps through the night. Plus it also interferes with keeping up w/the house. Sometimes I say I’m going to do something I literally just do not have the strength to do it. I sound crazy but it is true.

  24. It’s nice to hear of others who have the same crazy dreams. I experience all of the things that people here have mentioned, I have never noticed the street light phenom but I live in the country with few of them. I am very empathic, to the point that I used to think it was a curse, feeling others emotions to the point that I felt out of control. I have since learned to control this and life is much kinder. A good nights sleep would be nice

  25. Like all the other comments..I am SO glad I found this page. I went to google and typed “do bad dreams make you tired” this was the first page I found. Im so glad, I was becoming convinced I was either crazy or physically sick (because I wake up so tired)
    My dreams are like horror movies, with plots. They are so vivid and and stream in to one another. I have a handful of good dreams, but those are too just as vivid and crazy with details.
    When I wake up in the morning I feel like I just ran a marathon, it takes at least 2 hours to get out of bed and even than I am like a zombie.
    Dont know of anyone can relate but for me this started after I gave birth 4 months ago.

  26. Ditto to all of the above. It’s gone on for as long as I can remember, but maybe because I’m now approaching middle-age, I’m having a lot more trouble dealing with the exhaustion. My dreams aren’t terrifying, just relentless, usually involving something I’m trying to accomplish (last night, I drove from Ohio to Florida and back again). Sometimes, it’s a panic to clean the house before some event (those are somehow the worst of all–not only do I wake up exhausted, the housecleaning that exhausted me has not actually been done).

    This is the only thread I’ve ever found where others describe the same condition and, while I’m delighted to have found it, I sure do wish someone had some sort of answer. Like everyone else here, I am just so tired.


  27. Wow. same as all of you, I just typed in part of, My Dreams are making me tired. And gooogle suggested the rest, then the first hit. Was this page. I am 46 years old and this has been going on for as long as I can remember, Just this morning. I woke up exhausted from these crazy dreams, that have no meaning to them, and was telling my girl freind, I think I wake up more tired then I was before I went to bed. I have asked two different doctors about this, and they both gave some doctor like excuse, and it gets blowed off. I have said the same things that you all have said, and I wonder sometimes if I am going crazy. I am self employed and have been rasiing 4 kids my self for the past 13 years, and I have come to the point of being total exhausted. with no were to turn. Has any one found any thing that might help? since they last posted there last Message.

    I think i will go take a nap now!


  28. The last month has been the most difficult, although all 23 years of my life I have been filled with “epic” dreaming. I just slept for 19 hours straight. I tried getting up for class…no go…tried getting up for work…no go. Drank TWO cups of coffee AND took one No Doz…passed out. No drugs in my life and have rare visits to wine-land. This is the FOURTH day this week alone that this has happened. SEVENTH in the passed two weeks.When I’m not dreaming, I feel like I am. When I’m dreaming, I have the most energy. I think I dream when I dont dream. My life is going down the drain because I feel like my dreams are keeping me from waking up, and I have no ability to function in reality. Doctors tested me for mono, which was negative…chronic fatigue syndrome doesnt explain the dreams. I’m going back for more blood work tomorrow, which Im sure will lead to “You seem perfectly healthy.” My dreams are depressing every part of my body/life, and there seems to be nothing I can do to stop them. I will be doing research. If I get any answers, I will let you all know. I hope you do the same.


  29. Well Sarah, sleeping for 19 hours will only make you more tired. My dreams make me really tired too but hte longer I sleep the more tired I am. The answer is not to go back to bed but to just GET UP. I know it sucks, and I don’t know how to make it any easier, or make the dreams go away. But you just have to get up.

  30. i have very vivid dreams and rarely wake up feeling like i’ve slept. the only thing i’ve been able to come up with is narcolepsy; one of the symptoms is a disturbance in REM cycles. maybe looking into it will be helpful for you.

  31. This site is exactly what I am looking for. I have been having this sleeping or dreaming problem for the past 3 years…but I only realised it about a year ago. I have always wondered why after an 8 hour sleep at nite, I am always tired in the morning. I remember every detail of my dream when I wake up.
    I dont take drugs and I only drink occassionally when I go out (which is like once or twice a month) but not until i passed out.
    I started my yoga class 3 weeks ago and I am still having the problem. THis has been affecting my work and daily life. I used to be very active person. Now at times, I dont even have the desire for sex. I have a good diet – I dont take dinner later than 8 p.m. and make sure I go to bed latest at 12 midnite.

  32. I understand exactly what everyone is saying. This is my life. I go to bed tired and more tired when I get up!! I can’t remember the last year I had a good night’s sleep. I think it’s geneticly linked,2 of my kids appear to do the same, along with many other family members. Does this have a name?

  33. I’m probably grasping at straws now, but just about anything seems worth a shot, at this point. I’ve sent the link to this thread to several online medical-help sites, from medical volunteers at to Dr. Phil. If anyone else is thus-inclined, it seems like it can’t hurt. Maybe one of us will eventually hit on someone who has an answer, or even just a long-shot suggestion.

  34. I am the same as all the above although thankfully it isn’t affecting my life as badly as others yet. I just have many nights where I have such intense dreams that I dont wake up feeling refreshed. I am tired a lot & always fall asleep early in the evening which annoys my boyfriend then wake up 3 or more times a night (and always need the toilet!). As with most of you I dont take drugs, dont drink much (in the week at least) and I dont even drink any caffeine as I dont like coffee.

    I have also had the streetlight going out when I walk past thing happen to me a few times. I thought it must just be a coincidence but I am intrigued that other people have experienced it. I’ll watch out for it more in the future.

    • I wonder what other commonalities we all have? I’ve read a couple of posts on here of people who wanted to be a writer, as did I when I was younger. That could account for wild dreams from a wild imagination. Just a thought.

      • I just thought the same thing. Also curious what role imagination plays since we don’t use it in waking life?

  35. Help me!!

    I wish that I had found this earlier….I feel like you are all there with me every morning. I have tried everything, including overnight sleep tests – but nothing is helping me. I wake up exhausted each and every morning. Sometimes I have a hard time reminding myself of what is reality. My dreams are so real, such detailed and complex stories. My days are ruined because I feel like I didn’t sleep a wink.

    Has anyone had any luck with getting an answer or finding a solution? I am going to make an appointment with a neurologist who specalizes in sleep disorders, but I am afraid his answer will be medication. (But after suffering for a good 10 years now, I may just be willing to try them).

    Thanks for listening….

  36. This just happen to me today or last night. I had a dream where I was running alot and when I woke up it was as if I actually just got through running. I was so exausted from the dream. I see all the comments, but my question is do anyone know why this is?

  37. Hi everyone!

    Some pretty good stories here, most of which sound familiar. (Apart from the street lamps – that’s something I haven’t had).

    In a way it’s a little annoying that I’m feeling tired but to be honest I’d prefer to have the dreams but would like to feel more awake than anything else.

    Most are of everyday life (which can be easily analysed) and I rarely have nightmares. But some leave a strange feeling unlike the ‘normal’ dreams.
    I have had some fascinating dreams like being in a huge blast from a static bolt that hit miles away then seeing a shock wave (which threw me from my feet) then being surrounded by pink floating bubble like gas. Meeting an intense being which asked me to give it everything I’ve experienced (I did it reluctantly 😉 ). I’ve had Lucid dreams where I am in a strange building, it had a large pool it was most intricate and amazing architecture that could not be matched.
    Sometimes I find myself laughing as I awake form a dream where I am frantically asking everyone in the dream what the hell is going on!

    I have no apparent illness and I take no medication or pills of any kind. I don’t expect there to be any answers but it’s good to know it’s a common thing.

    “Maybe we’ll meet in our dreams.. You’ll never know”

  38. i can relate to all you guys on this dream thing, i always thought i was alone,when i dream i feel so drained tired like u would believe lol serious sometimes i cant do anything i cant work nothing at all its really bad,i dont know if this happens to you but everytime i wake up from dreaming no matter what it is i wake up with an extreme pressure in my head was wondering does this happen to you im so confused cuz to me thats the worst part ,i would say this going back to sleep will make ur body pay bad you will regret it makes so much worst,its almost as though you cant take control sucks bad if anybody has any good ideas let me know ,i can say at times if you take a ten minute nap with out thinking about it you will feel much better however it wont work all the time the best that ive learn to do which is not healthy is go to sleep late, wear your body out that way when you go to sleep your so drained that your body refuses to dream jus sleep peacefully n the beer thing works to lol…wired but tru.

  39. i have the same problem and the streetlight thing happens to me sometimes too

  40. I am happy to say that I have no more active dreams!! I used to have repetitive and very active dreams every night that left me exhausted every morning. I discovered that the dreams were a way for my body to tell me that I had to deal with something deep inside and I needed resolution in order to sleep better. I was carrying a lot of guilt for something in my past and once I confessed it to a friend and allowed myself to cry for the first time….then I realized that very night that lifting that burden was all I needed to sleep restfully. Perhaps if you look deep inside, you may realize, like me, that “lifting your heavy loads” may be your ticket to peaceful nights!!

    • THIS is the answer that most of us are looking for. Thank you.

    • Yes that is a way to stop this but i have been dreaming the same all the time i remember. When there is more stress, i start hitting screaming gearing shouting as my friends and family say. i dont think being like this for a whole life has such a simple cure. Maybe trying to change the way we tend to feel, percept etc. Like being an optimistic

  41. I’m always tired in the morning, cause I never really have a night. I’m always doing all this stuff.. great stuff, realistic stuff, and I’m just beat and don’t really want to leave half the time. I can wake up and go back to bed, back to the dreams, and even up to 12 hours or so. I have dreams about the future, and many things come true. I see some people here just like me, we should figure out what’s up with us, maybe we have the “psychic” mind.

  42. Also have any of you woken up and felt that you’ve saw “things” in this real world? I’ve woken up and tried to avoid things crawling on the ground, or stuff coming out of the wall, it’s like the dream crosses over. And the weird thing is I’m aware of what I’m doing, and afterward I think about why I had the urge to move and avoid things in some cases that were not there.

  43. Yup. same deal. very vivid dreams about things happening in everyday life; events that are coming up playing over and over in my head (even simple ones, like if i know i have to go somewhere on the subway the next day), stuff that happened during the day and snippets from books/tv shows show up in there too. Some are more like “real life” than others but they always feel very real and i wake up confused and tired.

    i even have them when i take a nap, so that doesn’t help the tiredness at all.

    😛 booo

  44. wow, I am also so glad to discover this, I thought I was insane!! I have been suffering with this for as long as I can remember! It is like I live a whole other life at night. Last night I got married, I went through the whole preparations, the ceremony, the wedding breakfast and the evening reception. The anxieties were real, the conversations were real, if I didn’t know better I would say I am now married! There appears to be no common theme in my dreams, some like last night are happy events but then I have the whole scary trying to escape from somewhere or killing people dreams, those are the worst, you keep telling yourself in the dream that it’s only a dream and then you “wake up” in the dream but in fact you are still dreaming and the panic continues. Aghhhhh, it’s enough to drive you insane! I love the idea of being able to record your dreams, they would be fascinating for all of us! I have got used to being permanently tired now and don;t know what else to do! I have monitored everything I do to the nth degree to see if it something I do during the day that triggers them but have found nothing! My doctor really hasn’t been any help at all and told me sleep clinics are only for snoring issues….. I hope and pray that one day someone will have the answer and post it on here!!! I wish you all have a restful nights sleep with no dreams but if the dreams must come then I hope they are happy ones!

  45. Hello everybody, I’m grateful to this website host, and pleased to learn that I’m not alone in a strange predicament that ruins my social life but gives me the opportunity to have plenty of foreign travel and adventure, – on the nightshift.
    For the last three years I’ve cleared my life of all unecessary provacation or stimulation, no politics, debates, caffeine, or tv, no violent films , music or pictures, just seeing the good in everything. This really helped, but definitely didn’t reduce the dreams, it just enhanced their quality, so that what I dream is intense, peaceful, and almost reveals its mysterious purpose.

    That’s my point, I think the condition is a vocation, where suitable people undertake to repair the damaged fabric of our world, it might be a spiritual appetite for work, with all of the hardships and rewards of mundane work.

    At bedtime, after clearing your day of hassle, ask your guardian angel to guide you into a safe and peaceful proper nights sleep, to rise early in good health—. (PROPER means specific to your own self.).

  46. I found this page because I posted in google “Why dreaming make me tired”.

    I just had a huge dreams where I fought about 30 mins (in my estimative) with a huge flying-whale like creature just with a broken glass in the middle of my town, when I managed to do that, the impact was so big that every other dream I had during the night featured my accomplishment in some or other way, people in other non-logical dreams would remember my feat.

    Of course I woke up tired as hell, my head seemed like it was gonna blow and my muscles were tired as well, I still wonder what’s the point of dreams like these(if their function is to the unconscious confront and reorganize our daily problems).

  47. I am so happy I found this. I have been having these crazy dreams since I was little. I slept with my parents for 13 years because I was so scared at night. My dreams are like movies. I’m not always myself and sometimes I am the narrator. I don’t watch anything anymore remotely scary, but it doesn’t seem to help. They are not always scary, just intense or very detailed.

    The streetlight thing? OMG, I just thought it was coincidence that they went out when I walked by. I found this on google because I am healthy otherwise, no drugs, very little alcohol, just so dang tired, and my muscles are very sore.

    Jon, I know what you mean. It’s sorta like sleep walking, but you kinda know what you are doing. Last night I went to bed early (because I was so tired) then walked in the living room and layed down next to my husband who was watching TV. I was about to ask him why he wrote on the ceiling with flowers because they were falling off onto me, then something clicked in my head and I realized how crazy that was, my heart started pounding, I couldn’t talk to him, go up and went back to bed. This happens a lot. I also talk very much and scream sometimes.

    I also wake up sweating, freezing or with my heart pumping so fast. I’ve told my doctors, they say it is probably stress. I am so stress free and happy! (besides being tired & sore). I had one night where I slept all night with no dreams 🙂 it was because I had 2 alcoholic drinks…but I don’t wanna do that. Eventually I know I will build up a tolerance.

    It takes me sometimes an hour or two after I wake up to realize I am awake and not dreaming, them I make myself get up. Finally after that I can go back to sleep and have more dreams. Last night I had at least 4 different vivid ones 😦

    Thank you for keeping this thread on here! Please let me know if there is any help with this. Does any one think we should do sleep studies? Would sleeping pills help (I don’t have trouble falling asleep)? This is really hurting my relationships because I’m too tired to do stuff at the end of the day because I don’t get restful sleep. Sorry for the long post, I’ve been looking for answers for this for a long time.

  48. Hello everybody, my earlier post is just above. I’ve had only one nights great sleep in my life, camping out beside a holy well in County Tipperary, I closed my eyes at half past eleven at night, turned over to make myself comfortable, then almost immediately I opened my eyes, fully awake, feeling great, eager to get up and have fun, it was now about seven in the morning, the night hours had passed in what seemed like seconds. I realized then that this is what sleep is like for most people, no wonder they get so much done each day!
    Clocks , electric kettles, often make a definite unexplained click when I’m near them.
    I sleep better with a small amount of alcohol but very rarely use it. My brother is an alcoholic, so there might be some connection to a felt need for alcohol. I hope sombody can join up the dots and come up with an answer. Thanks for listening.

  49. I am in a much better state than when I first found this website. For a long time it seemed like a lack of serotonin caused the lows and the intensity of dreaming. Then I wondered what determines the health & efficiency of neuro-transmitters? The answer is protein and the fact is, I wasn’t getting enough. Whereas I believed I was on a very healthy diet, I was about 10 – 15g below the levels given in dietary guides. My theory is: it’s not a lack of serotonin or tryptophan is the problem but poor neuro-transmission due to lack of enough amino acids. The simple solution: drink a pint of milk a day. Now I want to know if the improvement is a coincidence or whether I’ve stumbled on a helpful answer. I’d be grateful if someone would try it.

  50. John Davies – thanks for that insight! I know I don’t get enough protein. I am 99% certain I am lactose intolerant, AND I have TMJD, so I don’t eat a bunch of meat. I am going to go back to a protein supplement for breakfast and I’ll let you know if that helps me 🙂 I am worried that it won’t work, because I do drink a supplement with amino acids in it pretty regularly, but I am still going to try!

  51. Lindy – it will be interesting either way. The protein requirement is a daily one so I look forward to hearing your experience.

    • John – my wife has similar experiences to yours. We found that a daily glass of milk has made an enormous difference.

      Chris Kohlhepp
      Sydney, Australia

  52. Thanks John Davies, the extra milk does help, I’ve tried it for over a year and my dreams now seem to be focused and working comfortably towards an achievable objective. There are no unecessary skirmishes or battles along the way. The objective seems to be to arrive at a place of inner safety, while bringing a good knowledge of the surrounding dream world with you.
    A second objective seems to be to do useful work as you travel towards the place of safety.
    Camomile tea once or twice a week is good if you are going to bed early.

  53. There is no such thing as a coincidence in my mind hence reading this today!….I generally sleep very well but do occassionally have vivid and exhausting dreams of not being able to get somewhere quick enough and going on holiday and can never pack all the things I want to take…….try and make sense of those!! ha ha. However I had an extremely, restless dreaming night last night (after having an extremely intense day) and have “coincidently” found this blog page today (quite by chance!)

    Most of the posts (mine included) are usualy refering to anxiety based dreams. I truely believe it is an overstimulated/restless mind which causes dreams

    So how do we sleep soundly each night….well first we must calm the mind?….How?……Meditation.

    Can’t recommend Transcendental Meditation enough….have been practising for 12 years and it is a daily part of my life (just like cleaning your teeth!!

    Also would second the milk….try a warm cup of milk just before bed….lavendar and be in bed before midnight!

    Oh and also acceptance…..we are usually self fulfilling prophecies….so if we go to bed thinking we are going to dream then chances are we will….So go to bed thinking, “I may dream and if I do that’s fine” all of a sudden the pressure is gone and who know’s you may just get a good nights sleep.

    Hope it helps!


    • Thank you Jane. It’s TM for me, too, for three years – and I have enjoyed great relief and calmness as a result. I am not sure that I agree it’s an over-stimulated mind that caused the problem. The sudden bout of intense doom-dreaming came from nowhere – life was just as usual – hence the protein idea.

      As with TM, I have found I have to get into a new habit! If I find there “isn’t enough milk” and don’t bother to buy any, I do not get what I need. It’s so simple – and yet it’s really difficult to change old ways.

      I do agree you can convince yourself you won’t sleep well or that – once awake – you won’t be able to get back to sleep. I don’t know how we stagger on from day to day sometimes – but sharing this stuff is in itself a big help.

  54. Wow, Im really glad Im not alone in this!
    Since I was a child I have had dreams like this. The youngest I remember was when I was about 4-5, and my parents werent really my parents, but some sort of alien for lack of a better word. I steered clear of them for days afterwards.

    Im many of my dreams I know that I am me, but its like Im occupying someone elses life and body. Quantum Leap like.
    Frequently I can mold or change the dream if I dont like it, but not always.

    Countless times I awaken exhausted, sore, pulled a muscle, and even bruised! The mind is more powerful than we can imagine, as I have woken up with bruises on my back. Many times its hard to determine what was dream and what is real memory.

    I have also had future dreams. Once I went to sleep near my mom on vacation and woke up just a minute later dripping sweat, heart racing and panicked. The dream was just me seeing her in a hospital bed dying with tubes coming out of her etc. and realizing I was losing her. Of course I woke up, shook her and she was fine.
    Well, 6 years later….. I almost passed out when I went into see her in ICU. Exactly as the dream.

    Now I dont believe in the fact our lives are set, but that disturbs me to this very day. That was 13 years ago.

    It does affect me daily, as I need at least 10 hours to cope, and sometimes 12+. There are actually times I wake up tired after 8 hours, then sleep another 4 and wake up feeling better.

    Sorry for the long post, but wanted to share. I could go on for days.

    • Wow — thank you for sharing that, and I’m sorry about your mom. I personally believe that sometimes when we dream stuff that comes true, God is preparing us so that we won’t be blindsided. I had a dream that my brother had died. He was seemingly perfectly healthy at the time but shortly after was diagnosed with cancer, and died a year later.

  55. Wow, this has to be the reason why I am tired often. I usually always remember my dreams. I think I read those who sleep best don’t remember anything when they wake up. That is most certainly not me! I’m just the type of person who is always thinking. Thinking all day…and I guess all night.
    I should go back to doing yoga and calm my mind.

  56. Hello Cliff, those who believe in re-incarnation will tell you that many children aged 3-5 years are aware that their parents aren’t their original parents, and sometimes cause a fuss, (naturally), also they might not identify with their current life and body.
    Reincarnation seems probable as a fact of life for many people, but I don’t know either way.

    I hope Jane doesn’t take offence, but her dreams of too much to do in a short time, and too much to pack into a suit case, both speak of someone who is trying to get too much done in the one day, a harmful attitude that affects almost every energetic person in our urban society. Our grandparents worked harder and longer than us, but it was repetitive physical work in concert with others for a visible common sense purpose, work that calmed the mind.
    These are just some thoughts that came to mind as I read both comments, – best wishes.

  57. Desmond,
    Not sure if I believe in re incarnation or not, but… even at a young age (5-6) I kept hearing comments that I have “old” or “wise” eyes along with me being an “old soul”.
    Never put much stock in that, but then again Ive dreamed things that came true.
    Too bad none of that knowledge or wisdom stayed with me and I had to learn all over again. Seems like a waste of time.

    Thanks for the opinion though, something to mull over.

  58. Hey guys,

    So I have all these same problems too, but I noticed that I can try to combat them.

    Even though it seems like you dream “all night”, I read somewhere that the most lucid dreams actually take place in the morning after you have already been sleeping.

    I know this sounds hard, but if you set your alarms clock to wake you up BEFORE you get into your super dream state, you could get off the head of the creature. I noticed when I do this, you feel EXTREMELY tired, but you have to FIGHT IT! Usually the more tired I am when I wake up, the less tired I feel later in the day.

    ALSO for the first time today, I woke myself up out of my dream, in the dream. In the dream I was like, “It’s time to leave” and POOF I woke up.

    You can control your dreams. I know it hard to think about this stuff while your doing it, but you can! Once you realize you are dreaming the possibilites are endless…..

    But even if you control your dreams, you still wake up tired damnit.

  59. OMG, i can so relate with all of you. My vivid dreams really started, so I thought, when I got on cymbalta. I have been on it for over a year. I am most of the time unable to move and have to really strain to try and move and talk. My kids wake me up and I scare them for it sounds like i am possessed when i talk in my sleep. I pray aloud in my dreams, trying to keep the enemy out. They are vivid, colorful, and just physical…i am so tired.
    i slowly weaned myself off of the cymbalta a.nd it has been a week now, and nothing has changed. i will give it a few more weeks.
    I decided to take a stress test, had a heart ultrasound, and had lab work…all is good.
    Researching, i am about to look into a sleep study, gluten test, or possible chronic fatigue symdrome.
    i am a 2 time cancer survivor, free for a 1 1/2 yrs. I have had chemo, radiation, hysterectomy, colostomy, buy it seems like the dreams have been going on a while, but not more than a year.
    I even have a pinched nerve in my shoulder, and a google of that than cause fatigue….
    I am slowing trying to figue these things out so i can fix it….not to accept and live with it.
    I think I get good sleep because i sleep all nite, but i am so busy in my dreams, i don’t have time to wake up!!!!
    I just don’t know where to start.
    i think i may try being off of the cymbalta, then going to the chiroprator for my pinched nerve is painful. I will see about a sleep study to see if i am stop breathing or something going on…and just keep going.
    I work for a cardiologist and we send a lot of people for sleep studies, and i never realized the importantance of gaining info from them.

  60. I remember my dreams starting at age 3. Night terrors at 6. Waking dreams began at 14 and I learned to lucid dream at 16.
    Some times it stops, for a week, maybe a month. It always comes back though, every night. I’ve been old women, princes, mafia kings, animals; dreamt in color, stop animation, claymation, film noir, past, present and future.
    I can’t fully wake until the dream is over, not matter how many times an alarm goes off.

  61. Add me to the list.. I can always remember my dreams in detail, and I don’t feel rested from sleep unless I don’t dream which is basically never.

  62. I dream nearly every night/early mornings. Stupid things like people being tea cups and trying not to let them break as they walk over speed bumps?? (i know) or simple things like flying and being chased. I wake up so tired and grumpy that I have to force myself through the day.

    I looked up the idea of Narcolepsy and interestingly found ‘Narcolepsy may also be associated with cataplexy, or sudden loss of muscle tone and power in response to strong emotion, e.g. elation and anger. It is not usually triggered by stress. Brief periods of total paralysis may also occur at the beginning or end of sleep, as may vivid hallucinations.

    Check out this site for more details

  63. I have the same problem. Everyone is talking about their experiences, which I totally identify with, but is there a solution. I have tried relaxation, meditation, exercise, journaling (which seems to make it worse, by the way) and I just can’t find relief!

  64. I’m constantly tired especially in the last 21 months. I’ve suffered either from insomnia or I sleep and have vivid dreams and when I wake I’m exhausted. I don’t know what to do. I do know that up until these last 21 months I never really had vivid dreams. I actually slept with no problems. I’m glad I found this page maybe will get some good insight on how to help myself.

    • Hello Analisa, can you remember a significant event that happened 21 months ago to cause your insomnia, like changing your address or something like that? If you can, then maybe you will be able to give us some insight into the problem our vivid dreams. best wishes, Desmond.

  65. I had a polysomnography done and the results were normal. However, I had nightmares that particular night. According to the report results, I completed all my sleep cycles, so they say it was a normal study. O course I can sleep all my cycles…I never wake up…..that is why I am so tired in the mornings! I sleep, yes, but my sleep is not good because of all my vivid dreams.

    I have tried sleeping pills (Rx and natural) AND I STILL HAVE THEM. I am clear that my problem is not the lack of sleep, but that I need my brain to relax when I am asleep.


  66. Wow! Add me to the list. I just googled “wake up tired from dreaming.” I’m getting pretty sick up it. I can’t believe how many others like me are out there. Only once in my life have I actually known another “intense dreamer” as I call myself. All my life I have had very vivid dreams and wake up exhausted. I have often thought if Steven Speilberg could get inside my brain he’d stumble upon lots of great action movies. What is amazing me is that this thread of dialogue has been going on for a couple of years now, and I haven’t seen any real insights or solutions. Is there really a complete lack of research or interest in brains like ours? I’d be happy to be part of a study just so I could understand myself better.

  67. I have read recently that abnormally long spans of REM sleep and shorter spans of restful deep sleep are often associated with clinical depression. I wonder if antidepressant medications may help lessen dream-time and provide more restful sleep to some of us, even if we are not necessarily diagnosable as depressed. Of course this begs the question, which is worse: exhausting dreams or antidepressant side-effects?

    • Cara, I may be playing the devil’s advocate here, but one might wonder if the clinical depression is causing the abnormal sleep or if the abnormal sleeping pattern is causing the depression. I would imagine it’s the former and not the latter. But some drugs, like Lexapro, make vivid dreaming worse.

  68. I am so grateful to be able to read about other peoples’ experiences with not just the intense dreams but also the fatigue that accompanies it. My boyfriend has a very difficult time understanding it when I try to explain to him why I am so tired upon awakening, and at times during the day, since he only needs 6 hours of sleep, has no vivid dreams (or barely will remember them if he does dream), and wakes up feeling like his battery was recharged while asleep. To me this would be the ultimate gift! I wake up exhausted, as if I’ve run a marathon at times, with my heart racing, still feeling as if I’m in the dream. To top it off, I grind my teeth at night, which makes you even more tired, achy, and discontented. Thankfully, as I’ve been “channelling” more (or “medium” work, with my clients) the bruxism has gotten less and less. ( I had an intuitive in Sedona Arizona relate to me that people who grind their teeth at night are natural channels who aren’t allowing the messages come through—they’re “fighting” that inclination, therefore the “stress” of resisting that manifests in grinding the teeth together. Some may believe that is nonsense, but that is their right to believe so.

    A few nights ago I dreamt I was in a jail or prison walking the corridors. I came upon a bed in the middle of the hall, and layed down. All the sudden this huge 150+ pound dog got on the bed with me, and put his massive jaws around my wrist, holding me tight but not puncturing the skin. It was so intense, that I could actually feel the weight and pressure of his jaw/teeth holding me. I did somehow manage to release his jaw from around me, which I associate with a positive indication of being able to “break free” from something stressful or unhealthy for me, at least. That definately doesn’t take away from the fact that it affects my quality of sleep!

    I live quite a healthy lifestyle, and believe in integrating mind, body, spirit, treating your body as a temple, so everything I do is geared towards that. So I put nothing in my body that is chemical, plus no medications including the brith control pill or even Ibuprofin, nothing of that kind. No alcohol or drugs. I eat as healthy as possible. I exercise regularly, including doing inversion therapy and yoga. I meditate often. I don’t watch T.V. which can be a form of a “drug”, and can be addictive. I have not a perfect partner, but a very healthy, supportive, non co-dependent relationship with a wonderful man. Except that it’s difficult for him to understand why I’m so tired, because he’s never been through that himself. Maybe that is the problem! That he doesn’t understand? 🙂

    I feel like I’ve written a book here, but it really does help to “vent” and share experiences with people who understand, and this is just a great validation for me on how I’ve felt! Fyi, I did start heating up some low fat milk before bed, and maybe over time this will be beneficial. If anyone else has any other natural ideas for reducing intensity of dreams, would love to hear them.

    As far as people having street lights pop off as you are under them: We are all energy, and you probably have incredibly powerful, highly intense energy fields to be able to cause that to happen! There is more to this world than what we can hear, feel, see, and touch, after all! Thanks, L

  69. Since my posting some while back advocating increased protein – i.e. drink a pint of milk a day – we have had a baby. The two are not necessarily connected but I can assure you that this is definitely one dramatic solution to over-dreaming as you tend not to sleep at all or to sleep in short spans!

  70. I agree with Alison. People will research just about anything – why is this not being studied? There has to be something about our brains in particular, don’t you think? I’d be willing to bet that beyond these crazy dreams, we don’t have much else in common here, so while I think it’s great to hypothesize and experiment with additional milk intake or meditation, I doubt we all have a protein deficiency etc. I am glad that this thread has stayed alive – one of us will luck into some help eventually.
    Congrats John Davies – Happy New Year to all.

  71. Thank you Jo! Am back to undisturbed sleep – and some very vivid dreams again. The trouble with The Great Milk Experiment is that I just don’t keep it up, so I’ll never know if it works or not. Peace to all weary dreamers.

  72. Lately i have even been tiren in my dreams, and when I try to wake up I am so tired my eyes will almost not open…but my cat will force me to wake up because she is hungry.

    It’s not that I don’t like dreaming, I love my dreaming world, but when I dream that I am so tired that I can’t keep my eyes open and just go around only getting half of the things that happens (witch are everything from military training with shootings and killing down to family meetings in the same dream:-P)

    I am amazed so many other people do dream so much! Greatings to all my fellow dreamers, maybe we’ll meet one night?;-)

  73. oh thank goodness i am not alone!!! i am always SO tired from my dreams! i don’t have recurring dreams, but i do have recurring themes – being chased by a psychotic murderer – always in different places, times, with different people. my dreams about flying really scare me, i hate them.
    but i’m always exhausated, and it is so frustrating!! i seem to nap much better, not as many dreams, but i work full time and have a baby, so good long naps aren’t really in the cards for me.
    i don’t see any solutions on here, but it’s nice to see there are others like me! i guess misery does love company…

  74. I was so surprised to type “do dreams” and the computer finish my sentence “make you tired”. My dreams are EXHAUSTING I have such a hard time getting to work. I even have dreams of being at a hectic day at work and then wake up and have to do it again(for real this time). Even though the first time around was a dream I still feel like I am doing a double shift for single pay.

  75. as exhausted as I am right now from being a super-hero all last night fighting the forces of evil, I do feel better now that I know I’m not the only one who experiences this. 🙂 I have always had these vivid dreams, but I don’t remember them affecting my waking life much before my teenage years. Every night for the last week I’ve had terrible nightmares, woke up sweating, my heart racing, totally disoriented and freaked out. Every week isn’t like this though, I remember one three week period a couple years ago that I didn’t have a single nightmare and felt relatively rested in the morning. I remember many more times though that I’ve fallen asleep in class, at my desk at work, even in my car outside grocery stores and department stores when I just couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. I’m pretty good at dragging myself out of bed when I need to, but I know that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

    Until coming across this page this morning I’ve never met anyone who could truly relate.

    I’ve tried a LOT of different things to try to affect how I sleep. I don’t do drugs, but I’ve given up drinking entirely, I’ve gone through phases of drinking every night before going to bed. I’ve tried sleeping pills, Ashwaganda, and Theanine supplementation, rubbing lavender oil on my temples every night, playing soothing music while going to bed and while sleeping, yoga, thai chi, meditating. The Theanine does help me get to sleep, which can be a problem for me as well, but I don’t feel any more rested when I wake up in the morning. The meditating has helped reduce my stress during the day, but hasn’t helped me be less tired.

    Someone above was wondering about anti-depressant medication. Well… I was diagnosed a little over a year ago with OCD and depression, and have been taking medication for it since then. The meds have helped me enormously to cope with my waking life, but have not improved my sleep at all. If you think depression may be a problem for you I do suggest talking to a psychiatrist anyway. I believe for people who need it, medication will make a noticeable difference in your quality of life, which will help you cope with everything better, including being exhausted all the time.

    Desmond, your comment that our condition being a vocation struck a cord with me. I’ve known for a long time that my dreams were not normal, and there must a reason for it. It’s comforting to think my daily suffering could be serving a higher purpose.

    Best wishes to all of you,

  76. I have dreams every night. It makes me very tired the whole next days. I think it started when I was in high school. I was very stressful and I started the nightmare then. After two years, I recovered from nightmares and the stressful situation but the dreams were still there. How can I get rid of these dreams and just have a good sleep at night? I would like to try anything if it helps.

  77. So lately, I’ve been having these dreams where I become immobilized and spend the length of my dream screaming and trying to move with all my might. I wake up every morning feeling like I’ve just taken a monster exam and I want to go right back to bed.

    It’s started re-occurring more and more now lately. Wish there was a state of mind I could be in, to avoid it.

  78. Hello from Desmond again, hello Sarah thanks for your comment. I don’t want to outrage anybody but I sensed that a reply had been directed to me, and it had.
    I think that most of the night travellers are probably psychic in some way, I have looked up some websites on the pineal gland but haven’t found anything that’s suitable, I’m sure there are sites that will tie in our night activity with those who have the gift of second sight. In the nineteenth century Blessed Catherine Emmerich provided very detailed and authentic information about the Holy Land at the time of Jesus, she also gave intimate and virtually unknowable details about personal relationships there, later confirmed by scholars. She never left her village but got all her information while asleep, as she said , “Actually going there night after night”. Three books of her night voyages are in print, and her story can be found on a website.
    Currently our world is in distress and I do think that many of us are learning how to make ourselves useful at nighttime, our world needs it. Just an opinion, best wishes to all.

  79. Hello.

    Just want to join the club. After many, many years of waking up exhausted from my dreams (of course, I thought I was the only one, but am happy to know that I am not) I decided to do a Google search just as you all have, and here I am. (Great minds think alike!).

    I don’t want the dreams to stop, I just want the rest and rejuvenation to begin. I love the fact that I go into “another world” when I dream. I feel like it’s my little refuge, my secret place that no one else knows about. Sometimes I feel what’s happening is that I’m living another life, a parallel life; or visiting another world. Whatever the case may be, I feel like there is definitely more than meets the eye. And I feel like I am one of the “chosen ones” who gets to have these experiences (just wish they made me feel refreshed in the morning).

    I have often thought that this vivid dreaming is a side effect or evidence of some type of psychic ability. Though I can’t say that I have developed my psychic abilities (because we all have them, dormant though they may be), I am beginning to explore the idea that perhaps it’s time to embrace, explore and develop my sixth sense.

    Rest, rejuvenation and a good night’s sleep to all.


  80. Help….is there anybody out there with the cure. I take prozac so I’m wondering if that has increased these dreams/tiredness. I’ve always been a heavy dreamer/ sleep walker. It’s gotten much worse within the last 6 months! My eyes feel tired & heavy everyday. I’ve tried exercising more, valarian root, going to bed earlier, sleepy time tea…the list goes on. Nothing seems to work. I’ve also tried taking Advil PM & that doesn’t ever work. I wake up all through out the night by taking that stuff. I feel like I can take a nap at anytime of the day. There has to be some fix out there….please? It is refreshing to find this website & to know that I’m not crazy!

  81. In response to Cara’s earlier comment/query about the potential of anti-depressants to reduce dream intensity: I have noticed that my dreams have become more intense since comming of anti-depressants (SSRI’s). While on them, my sleep was more restful.

  82. I have exactly the same dreams and experiences as all of the people above. But it seems that none of us have any answers to create a nights sleep w/o the vivid dreams. Mine aren’t nightmares etc., but people that I have not seen for years and have really not been part of my life come into my dreams. The dreams I like are the friends and relatives that have passed away and they come into my dreams as they were when they were young. It’s like being with them in real life. But, would like to sleep without dreaming and getting up refreshed and not being tired all day.

  83. I have the most vivid dreams, and at least 2-3 days a weeks are violent or my death bed. So everymorning I wake up tired because I feel I never even slept. So this has been going on for months. I

  84. I have the most vivid dreams, and at least 2-3 days a weeks are violent or my death bed. So everymorning I wake up tired because I feel I never even slept. So this has been going on for months. I quit smoking with the nicotine patch and that is when it started. And the antidepressents I have since stopped taking cause I only feel more crazy. I couldn’t fall asleep at night so I was using my anxiety med to relax me to fall asleep and became dependant on those and then addicted and started abusing that. But only left me stuck in my vivid dream with no way out. So now I don’t take any meds, and have been off the nicotine patch and meds for about 4 months now. And my dreams are only getting worse. I try to think of good thoughts before falling asleep, but even then they are vivid good dreams that leave me waking up feeling tired, moody, and more anxiety. Adding to my already unresolved mental problems. What to do?

  85. I felt especially sorry for Peanuts in his current situation, since he ? has taken so much trouble to clear his llife of artificial medication. Four months is only part way into the de-tox period and is bound to be a troublesome time, so perhaps the problems will gradually go away, I do hope so.
    Just before falling asleep, it is good to remember each person who spoke to you during the day, (this meditation is a little like circling the wagons at nighttime), it will collect up most of your stray thoughts and keep the mind unified during the hours of sleep.
    Pleasant dreams to you all.

  86. my dreams are so intense

    Im ALWAYS fighting.. always

    im scared but feel… warrior like i guess

    im scared the whole time im fighting but i keep going.. and im talken like different kinds of fighting.. sometimes its viking like and sometimes it feels straight out of some jackie chan movie

    sometimes its in an empty field with heavy boots covered in mud and sometimes im in a jungle.. hiding then fighting hiding then fighting.. im tired… my face looks drained even tho i dont always feel like im tired..

    i dont think theres anything i can do about it.. but i feel like i needed to share

    I wonder what it means.. its gotta mean something

  87. Finally!! . So glad I found this website. I too googled “does dreaming make you tired?”. I very often carry around the feelings from my dreams all day, good or bad. Lately I have had many dreams about having another baby, and that elation sticks with me throughout the day (I guess this is a positive aspect) I have been calling it a “curse”. My son is like me in almost everyway and dreams/nightmares like I do. I have had dreams on many occasions that happen (ex. I will dream about someone I haven’t seen in yrs and then see them or hear news about them the next day.) I have also been told I have strong intuition, perhaps there is a relation? Can’t wait to read all of the comments, but despite my tiredness from last night’s dreaming I have to head to work.

  88. Yea happens to me when i woke up i remember 5 of my dreams…5..anyways..i got up feeling like i have slept only 2 hours..(i slept 8)..hit the road to school..but i just couldnt go to school..i was so freaking tired…so i didnt go..i came home..and i said to myself..”well if i am not going to school today atleast i can study after i sleep for 1-2 hours..”..i got in bed..slept an hour..and then the alarm woke me up..i was remembering 2 new dreams..but i was still i slept agian..and again…and 5 hours have passed now..i remember 12 dreams..(counting those from the night sleep too)..atleast now i’m not that tired..but it still doesnt feel like i have slept 13 feel like 8..i like dreaming ALOT!..but i hate that they make me tired..they dont make your body tired..but they make your brain tired..its still working while you’re sleeping you know..I have an idea..donnow if it will gonna try to empty my mind for 30-60 minutes every it will get a rest..this way maybe it wont get that tired from meditation..

  89. It really does feel good to find other people with the same problem. I guess misery loves company 🙂 My dreams aren’t nightmares in the classic sense, but they are what I call “anxiety producing”. I dream all kinds of crazy things, from trying to get to work and having every means of transportation I try fail in some way (I resorted to a camel in the last one like that), to looking out my window and seeing a giant knocking on my front door telling me he knows that I’m in there, and everything in between. I’ve also had one or two recurring themes every so often over the years. All my dreams are in technicolor, with smells and sounds, etc. I also experience the same things that a few others have mentioned, with several dreams a night, and remembering everything when I wake up. I’m so immersed in my dreams, that I have the clock radio set full blast across the room to force me to get up to turn it off. Also, I have to wake up to talk radio, because if I have it on a music station, I just incorporate that in my dream and sing along, or wind up dancing instead of waking up and getting out of bed. Needless to say, I am exhausted when I wake up, after all the running, jumping, talking, problem solving that I do in lala land.

  90. Hello,

    True i agree with all of u. Even I have very very vivid dreams and some of them are really very scary. I hate it most when I cannot get up in the morning and when I am tired and trying to fight this every night. I feel miserable at times abut my self. I would like to know if there is any solution to this problem.

  91. Hi guys ^^

    Uhm… this is kinda awkward… But I googled active dreams to GET them. Unfortunately I get rarely but I like the feeling I get from them.

    My first active dream I can remember is when I was 4 or 5 years old. A war was started. I could hear bullets in the air as I “woke” up and got out of my bed. It’s a little blurry so bear with me. I ran out into the garden and saw 3 blimps right above our neighbor town. The roof of my house was on fire like the sky was red from the blood of people killed. One of my sisters lay in a sandbox dead (I didn’t hate her at that time.. And never had) But I didn’t pay attention her. The blimps dropped bombs over the town. I saw every explosion and heard it a little later. The last I remember from the dream is that I was shot in the head. I reached up back and touched where I was shot. Instead of feeling my skull I got my hand in something mushy and wet. Right before I “Passed out and died” I kinda floated out of my body and saw myself. Right hand smeared with blood and a shocked expression on my face.

    Even though it was a macabre dream I value it highly. It’s a lesson in life.

    Now here comes the reason why I want to dream again.

    I’ve met the same person 3 times.

    The first time I met her she.. Was destructive. Apart from being a part of a gang she was with her brother when I first met he (And by meeting her I mean in this real life dream or no dream). She trashed a store where I was the only one in it after getting lost from my friends (they abandoned me… So what?) I got in there in the first place to get something to eat. I even remember the feeling of hunger. Then they got there. They trashed the store Meanwhile I was in there. I tried to hide but was cornered and thrown against the wall in a choking grip. It was her holding me. Her face… I’ll never forget that. Nevertheless I saw a special tattoo in the palm of her hand. A 2-headed serpent dragon head in both ends curled up. The head in the middle sleeping and the other aggressive and spewing fire. Anyway she threatened me to not tell anyone about that episode. They left and the last thing I remember is I picked up various things and ran outta there.
    The second dream. I can’t remember that but that morning I was probably the most happy person I’ve ever been before.
    Third dream. I was married with that special girl. The kiss is still lingering on my lips.

    Dream conditions:
    None. It have been completely random. I’ve tried most ways. Some alcohol. Mental beating. Sleeping with an empty stomach. Sleeping when stressed. After some mental exercises. Nothing works 😦

    Btw. After every active dream I feel… High? Can’t really describe it but I like it.

    Please! If you know any ways of how to GET active dreams PLEASE let me know.

  92. I’m also glad i found this site. I dream non-stop all night, mostly scary dreams but some are just annoying because they feel like they are going nowhere when i’m trying to accomplish something. Mine started when I got off of anxiety medications and cut back my mood disorder medications to almost nothing. Even when i’m not sleeping my mind is constantly tinking. I have the hardest time listening or paying attenttion when people are talking to me because i’m thinking about other things. There has also been alot of stress in my life, which could i suppose be causing my mind to think more. Just recently got a divorce 5 months ago, in the process of my divorce lost all my pets and now i’m doing a job change. Theres so much going on! If there is a cure (without being on drugs), i want to know.

  93. just wanted to throw in my two cents after a visit to my accupuncturist technician for tiredness. she was asking if the treatments seemed to be helping and i said i was still feeling quite tired especially when i woke up. she asked many questions including whether or not i had a lot of dreams. i said “YES plenty”. she said that next time i see the chinese doctor/herbalist, i should let her know about the dreams so she can help regulate them!
    worth a try…

  94. I too have been bothered by this since I was a kid. I could go on and on about how I have experienced everything in these posts (except the streetlamps, or I just never noticed) but I will just let you guys know what I have found out, even though it does not help. In the past ten years I have had three sleep studies, and the first two showed no problems, other than I was so tired the next day I did take naps which they monitered also. What I have found so interesting is all the dreaming I did was not in REM. I tried to argue with the doctors that I WAS dreaming, but their “records” show I was not in REM state. There is a little info on the internet that they are now stating that people CAN dream in non-REM state, but there is not enough. I used to fall asleep in class years ago and start dreaming within the 5 minute nap before teachers would wake me up! The best place to try to start researching is non-REM sleep and dreams. We need to find someone who wants to study the effects! I also know that certain medicines, for depression or migraines, can make them worse, more vivid, and more real. But now always, since I have been on the same anti-depressants at different times. I think it depends on your levels of seratonin before taking the meds that may make it worse. I was told the reason that I was having hallucinations the last time I was on Wellbutron (been on it couple of times in the past ten years) was because my seratonin level was fine before starting the meds and they just raised my levels higher than they needed to be. SO, meds that mess with your hormone levels can play a part in these dreams. The last sleep study I had this year, I was extremely excited to find that they thought I had narcolepsy because at least then I would have an answer to why my sleep was so poor. But the study found that I did NOT enter REM state upon falling asleep, so narcolespy was out. (FYI: more often than not people with narcolepsy do not have cataplexy, where they “pass out”) Now they say I have sleep apnea, but after looking over my own results it is not sleep apnea, but something called Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome, which means I do not stop breathing but have a resistance to it and that supposedly is causing my poor sleep with over 124 arrousals a night. But if you look at my papers, all these arrousals do not interupt how long I am in each stage of sleep. As far as the stages of sleep, I am still within normal range. (They can not explain why I sat up in bed and layed back down even though my brain waves were not showing I should do that)POINT BEING, what normal people’s brains are doing in the deep restoritive stage 3 and 4 sleep, is not what my brains does as it is too busy dreaming many dreams that just slide into each other. I can have 5 dreams and it is like a stage set where we just go from one dream to the next like it is the next scene. So, I have tried many hours of internet research to find ANYONE who wants to research non-REM sleep and dreams, and how to “shut them off”. I know this is not helpful, but at least you know more now without having to do the sleep study which would not answer your questions any more than they did mine. I sincerely hope someone, someday, will take this as a serious problem since I know now I am not the only one with the HUGE problem.

    Take care as best you can,

  95. Ha ha ha ha… and I thought it was just me!!!!!!!!

    Just woke up… feel like a train is running through my head…

    Dreams… tried everything… nothing seems to work….


  96. count me in. I am exhausted today, i can barely keep my eyes open. After another night of dreaming, wish i could go back to when i slept without dreams. I havent felt refreshed from sleep for about 10 years now. I am permanently tired from my dreams. I am the only one i know that has this problem, no one in my family has it. ANy cures yet anyone?

  97. I’m actually a bit shocked at how many people have replied to this blog. I have the exact same problem. And I actually always describe my dreams as so intense and detailed that I could make movies! And it is sooooo painfully difficult to get my butt outta bed every single morning. I think that most of these dreams happen in the morning, especially if I’ve woken up or have been disrupted once already. I just wish I could wake up in the morning feeling refreshed! If I let myself (and if I didn’t have to work) I’ll bet I could sleep all day and all night and still feel tired when I woke up.

  98. Fyi, I have been taking magnesium (in the form of Magcalm powder) every night before bed, and I have actually been sleeping better and dreaming less intense/grinding teeth less.I plan on taking this every night, as the benefits will hopefully increase.Try it! Good luck.

  99. What a relief to find this community. I won’t go into the details of my epic dreams because I want to share a segment of a site that may offer some relief (at least it did for me. Thanks for the lead on using magnesium – magcalm, can’t wait to try it.

    First, examine your chronic fatigue syndrome and relate it to the life you are leading currently. Because the cause could arise from mental and emotion levels that manifest into an ailment:
    Lack of self love, confidence and acceptance.

    To have self love does not mean you are being selfish. It means that you love yourself for just the way you are, warts and all. You love part of yourself that are fat, scarred, unsightly, too small, too big, too dark, too painful. This is not the same as self-righteous claims that are made so that others agree with us. You know, similar to people who claimed that money is the root of all evil but at the same time will keep the money for themselves if it suddenly dropped from the sky- or otherwise known as hypocrites.

    Why I want to stress this point is because a lot of people say they love and accept their body but it may not be true at a subconscious level. If they hate their body for putting on weight, giving them pain or get diseased, then there’s no real self acceptance.

    To start with self love, do short relaxation practices every morning when you get up- sit with your eyes closed and have your awareness travel around your body. Go to every part and tell it that you love it regardless what…wish the parts well.

    If you do it with all sincerity and honesty from your heart (and not your logical thinking brain), you will be surprised- that you feel there is a surge of energy, akin to your body coming back to life.

    Why I said that is because just one morning, instead of hitting the gym, I decided to do a short meditation. I am not a serious meditator but it’s a practice I’ve picked up years ago which I find to be very beneficial. Sitting cross legged with my eyes closed, I just let my attention travel around my body, telling each part that I love it. That time I was having some weight gain (so I was not that happy about the bulge in my tummy), pain on my right kidney (for years) that wakes me up (but nothing showed in the tests) and numbness on one of my foot (for a few weeks) on top of the chronic fatigue resulting from constant nightmares right before I wake up.

    But suddenly, a feeling of genuine acceptance arose in me…that this body is my one and true companion that will follow me my entire life. People, animals, material things can come and go but the body remain stuck to us so long as we are alive. So, I just embraced and accept it- pain, weight gain, numbness and all.

    And to my surprise, I could always felt that my tired insides (organs) coming to life and there is a general feeling of well-being inside.

    And there is no more fatigue- no more dragging around the day. It was almost like a miracle because I have been searching externally for so many years, and yet, I did not know the answer lies within me.

    The next day, I did the same thing again.

    And now, I just sometimes do it even during day time.

    You know what? I ….

    * sleep better and less active dreams (this involves a separate topic by itself too because the dreams can give you clues of things you need to deal with in your waking life)
    * feel very energetic, positive and happy
    * don’t feel like a beached whale each time after a full meal

    What’s more, the kidney pain seemed to have disappeared a great deal, and so is my leg numbness. I have less dependence on caffeine and is able to cut down my intake by 50% (I still drink coffee because I enjoy it).

  100. What a gift to have landed on this thread this morning. I have been meaning to google whether or not dreams can make you tired and it turns out – I am not alone! Not by a long shot. Thank you.

    I do also believe the dreams are gifts to a certain extent. We are special in that we are open enough to be aware of the messages that are trying to come through.

    I have asked a number of different healers the cause of these dreams. A shaman told me that we are actually traveling to these places in our sleep and so it makes sense we are exhausted. And that many nightmares can be related to what you saw in past lives. As someone else mentioned on this thread, she also told me to ask my spirit guides for the messages I need to be sent to me through positive dreams (my challenge is horrifying nightmares that can hang on for days).

    I also spent some time researching nightmares a while back and found another bit that resonated: Those that are experiencing intense, vivid dreams and nightmares are in the process of a spiritual awakening. This I also believe is true. Open up to this and see what happens.

    In addition, I asked an intuitive/therapist about this – her best advice was that what we resist will come back stronger and stronger each time. We must look at these dreams squarely in the face and accept them for what they are offering – a chance to know ourselves better. To deepen our impact on the world. To love and accept ourselves completely (thanks Camille).

    So where does that leave us? The only thing I know for sure is that we are not bad people for having bad dreams. Do not beat yourself or feel anxious that your mind can create such amazing stories. I think this makes it worse. Find ways to release these emotions, these messages in your conscious world (meditation, energy healing, etc.) Be kind to yourself, be open, be curious, and watch what happens.

    I wish all of my fellow dreamers the very best!
    – Julie

  101. Hi everyone,

    I’ve been having this on and off for about a year. Dream sleep is not the type of sleep that refreshes the body. Thats why we are all so tired.

    Dreaming is how the brain deals with unresolved issues through the day (when you hold back that frustration your brain will deal with it later). If you are depressed apparently you dream 3 time as much. I don’t feel depressed, but my job can be stressful.

    I’ve found when I can’t sleep that if I write down what is going through my head I can stop thinking about it and get to sleep.

    I might try writing down my dreams, maybe it will stop them popping back in my head as soon as I close my eyes.

    I might also try writing down any frustrations or anxiety before bed.

    As a creative person I think dreams can be fun and useful, but like anything else…

    …too much is bad for you.

    Sweet Dreams!

  102. To Soren, you ask how to aquire this habit of intense nightly dreaming, I suggest two ways: two hours before bedtime read up on some injustice or gratuitous wastage that makes your blood boil, then set one alarm clock for 4am and another for 5.30am, then record your dreams in a bedside notebook, after a while your dreams might become intense and regular. – best wishes.

    Just like Julie I believe that there is a high and good purpose to these dreams, we are fighting and working in the spiritual realms on everybody’s behalf. The spiritual realm is where many of society’s problems exist, (materially most of us are relatively well off, no big problems there). I believe that in some way we tackle these spiritual problems. After 50 years with these special dreams I now find them exciting and rewarding, but harmful to my energy levels the next day. Maybe our vocation is to be dreamers and tackle psychic problems.
    Special best wishes to all who have to face a full day’s work tomorrow. — Grace (Previously Desmond).

  103. Hello everyone

    I’m also a very intense dreamer. This morning is another one where I woke up so hammered by my dream my brain is still waking up 2 hours after I actually woke up.
    Most of my dreams are unpleasant to say the least, for me the overall theme in my dreams is some kind of paranoia, ‘it’ is out to get me, people are chasing me, doom is just around the corner kinda thing.
    I’m very bad at handeling stress and i’m sure most of my dreams are like some kind of stressoverload valve. In times of higtend stress my dreams get wilder and intenser ( usually though with like a 3-5 day interval after an ‘inicident happen)

    I also would like to know if people experienced false awakenings? I get em while i nap in the daytime. They’re a pretty bad experience so i try not to nap tbh. I discovered this definition by reading some of Celia Greens work and I experience the repitition false awakenings.

    I’m actually hoping by reading up on the subject that i can find a method to sleep better. I tried relaxation and breathing exercices but tbh those get me worked up more then they relax me 😉

    – Tim

  104. This is a pretty cool page, alot of familiar patterns with dreamers. I don’t always remember my dreams but alot of the time I do and they can be pretty scary and sometimes fun. Usually dream about bad storms, rough seas, meteors coming towards the earth, world ending, that kind of thing. I keep having reoccurring dreams like i’m on a plane and because i’m terrified of flying it gets really intensed. Used to dream my teeth were falling out, trying to run but not able, being in a huge house, as someone above said, and feeling like you were in that house before, loads of stairs and secret rooms. Also dream of stars spinning in the sky, spaceships going really fast across the sky, people being buried, funeral horses with carriages, the worst dreams are probably the one on the plane and also I dream about someone chasing me and trying to kill me, oh and spiders, I dreamt that I coughed up a load of spiders……ah, horrible.

  105. Oh, and yes, wake up alot of the time exhaused, almost feels like i’m hungover. Don’t know if there is anything that would get rid of that feeling but i’m sure getting a proper sleeping pattern might help, I go to bed at various times so maybe that could be a reason?

  106. There is something marvellous about going out into the dream world and having great experiences, I now have about four years of dream note books to read and decipher, (Never try to read and understand them till they are at least one year old, otherwise they will amplify your current concerns, and likely confuse your dreams.), I will safely read up on my older dreams and I’m sure that many of the symbols and themes will become clear to me, and wil be of great benefit. I would love to be a writer, so I’m sure there is really good material for several blockbusters in the notes somewhere.
    I’ve noticed that the themes last for two or three months, then move on to another recurring and related theme, I haven’t checked but I think our intense dreams follow a realistic narrative over a long period of time, i.e. these are not random and accidental night time experiences, but are similar to a long term personal history in the waking world. We are lucky to be aware of this deeper aspect of our lives.
    On a physical health note, I’ve read recently that a surprisingly high number of people have picked up parasitic worms, it is a very widespread health issue, even in North America. Two of the symptoms of parasitic infection are chronic fatigue and insomnia, brought about by the body’s night time battle with the infection. The infection is very difficult to detect by doctors and it is probably best just to go ahead and treat for worms anyway.
    I do pray for generosity and courage and for a good night’s sleep before I face into the uncertainties of the night, and usually I come out feeling rewarded for my night time encounters.
    Best wishes to all.

  107. What a gift/relief… hell, I’m still tired. And there is no relief to idiopathic symptoms. Where is the answer? It only makes you feel crazy.
    I’m exhausted!
    From a crazy dreamer!!!!

  108. I’m waiting for my sleep study results and I have a feeling nothing will show up except bruxism.

  109. Wow, it’s pretty crazy how I started typing “do dreams make me tired” in a google search as most of you all did, & google finished it for me & this was the 1st page that pooped up. I have such vivid dreams like most of the ones I read from everybody here, I can relate to pretty much most of them, except for the scary nightmare ones. When I was an alcoholic & drug addict years ago, I’m not sure if I even had dreams, my sleep was pretty much like a comma, but since I am no longer an alcoholic nor a drug user in any way for the past few years, I dream like I’m living mulitple lives & wake up feeling like I need to go back to bed from the exhausting adventures I just had in my dreams. I’m glad everyone here posted all their insights on such things cause I was started to feel alone on all this, good to know I’m not alone… Most of you have written things I was already thinking, like old souls, re-incarnation, future insights, & un-accomplished things in life, even the traffic light situation, I can relate to every one of these. I do like the idea of starting to write down everything in my dreams to see if I can make better sence of what’s going on, I’m going to start this tonight. I also have been told I have old eyes as someone talked about in their post. Somehow when people talk about certain things I shouldn’t really know the answer to, I do seem to know the answer for some reason which is pretty wierd to me, it feels like I’ve already been here before. I always thought I was crazy for thinking this, but after reading all these post, maybe I’m not as crazy as I thought. Thank you all for taking the time to post your stories here, I appreciate them all. Hopefully we can all figure something out by talking to each other. I’ll be sure to come to this site more often to either post something or just read more stories…Have a good night

  110. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I seem to have really long and confusing dreams. I try to think of nothing before I go to sleep and it does not work. I find when I wake up I can’t explain my dreams or when I explain them they are a lot shorter in reality. For about 4 days now i’ve been having vivid dreams and Like for example I went to be at 11:30pm the other night woke up at 11:00am and I’m absaloutly shattered. Does anybody know any tips to get rid of the dreams or maybe just quieten down my dreams a bit, really starting to take it’s toll on me.

  111. Also to add to my little paragraph. I seem to remember my dreams very clearly, everything intact but when I try and explain them, or I sit and think about them I do start to forget what happened but especially when i try and explain them to somebody. I had this really wierd dream that Me and my friend were walking and we saw a play/show being advertised so we ran there and the tickets were £1. We got there and There was loadsa famous people and I had to get the bus home and back to the show just so I could get my camera and I must say I felt very panicky when I woke up, I couldn’t make it out at first and it scared me. I would like to find why my dreams are making me tired and also why i’m dreaming of such nonsense. :/ x PS Atleast we’re all in the same boat is all we can say x

  112. Iv spent 30min reading through and the only responses are those agreeing with the initial poster.
    On nights when I have no dreams I wake up fit as a fiddle, but that only occurs once in a blue moon.

    I do love my dreams but they are impeding my day to day activities.

    I think this would be a really good research project considering the amount of responses here.
    In my mind I consider the increased speed in lifes activities to have some relation to the speed of your dreams?
    I will stay on this one!

  113. Oh thanks people for your posts. So interesting that many people experience these vivid and intense dreaming. I am now 33 years old and never used to have this problem as a teenager. I think this problem is associated with stress, anxiety or depression. I recall mine started when I relocated abroad, having left home young and was so homesick that I longed so much for my family and would think about them constantly. I remember starting to dream about them and it felt like I had spent time with them and sadly this dreaming provided me some comfort. I have since been dreaming this way ( but of all sorts of things) regularly but the older I get, the more tired this dreams make me when I wake up. I am a nurse and need to concentrate on my work but due to vivid and intense sleeping am constantly tired. I do genuinely hope that someone finds a solution to this problem one day. May then we shall all finally have a good night’s sleep. My husband on the other hand, is blessed with ‘no dreaming’ and sleeps like a baby.

  114. I have had dreams like these since I was a very small child, and I am not depressed, I have the ordinary stresses of life and no anxiety attacks… I tend to agree more with or understand what Desmond and Julie are saying… I have these very vivid dreams and can recall having a very “lucid” dream just last week (which allowed me to see the difference between the degrees of vividness). I am blessed with sci-fi dreams ( I love sci-fi) because I cannot handle having nightmares every night (I stopped those when I was a child by facing my fears in my dreams and not running from the unknown. This actually worked.) So now quite a few of my dreams would make good movies of the week. It would be cool to understand fully why the body reacts to these dreams as if we are actually being as active as we are in waking life…because I, too, find myself being totally exhausted upon waking. It is 7:30 am and I am about to go back to sleep for another hour because that sometimes helps me catch up with my rest.

  115. I can’t believe I have found this forum.

    Like most people here I google, can dreams make yout tired! I’m 28 and it has only just dawned on me this morning as to why I feel so tired all the time, I go to bed as a reasonable time, I’m healthy, I exercise, I eat well and take vitamins.

    I feel exactley the same as many of you do – my dreams go on all night, sometimes there are numerous “storylines”, mostly it is just one long indepth number.

    I can remember my dream when I first wake, if I tell my partner about it straight away I can usually get out the jist of it, but it is very short recount, but the dreams always feel so much longer when I having them…

    I would have to say that 90% of the time I dream, in the past I have had reoccuring dreams (scary / nightmare) – but mostly they are just random story lines with people I know in them.

    So glad that my theory on my tiredness is confirmed for me!

  116. Perhaps we have sleep or dream disorders?
    How does everybody evaporate the drowsiness? I have an exam to study for, but after a long night of REM, I feel soggy and numb. Not impressed!

  117. Hello everyone,

    I know this suggestion may not work for everyone, but I too have experienced vivid dreams that make me tired in the morning- when my third eye chakra is really open and unbalanced. (Like I said this suggestion will be for some people not all) Ask God, your Angels…whomever you like to reference to or just your Higher Self… please calm and balance your third eye when you are sleeping and to only remember things you need to remember. Do this with a few minuted of deep, deep breathing for a few nights in a row and see if you have any improvement!

  118. Hi all
    My wife has the same condition as all of you. Had been looking for cure for quite some time but from all your posts I now realize nobody can stop the dreaming. Reading all your posts also made me understand her tiredness much better.It was difficult for me to empathize at first because I myself am at the other end of the spectrum. I have mostly dreamless nights. I get easily energized & I have vast energy reserve in me. I suppose God put us together so that I can complement her.

  119. Hi all,

    Same here as many of you. I typed can dream cause tireness in google and got this page. Meditation has helped me to be energise myself in the morning. i hope to get deep sleep without dreams some day. I dont remember when did i last time. Anyone interested to learn meditation mail me at


  120. Hey All you Crazy Dreamers!

    Im so glad I found this page to, I dream vividly every night.I also feel so tired and even if my dreams are the weirdest and most unplesent I find I want to keep sleeping and go back to whatever it is im dreaming about.Its like I need to finsih to find out whats next. Between being tired and still wanting to sleep how can I get rest when I just go straight back to the land I was in. Well like a few of you said thank god were not alone.I thought I was crazy for haveing this idea but Im not thank god ,Well thats a relef! Night night to everyone on here hopefully it gets better.

  121. My constant dreams make me feel more disconnected to myself than ever. Have anxiety, OCD and just want to feel back to myself. Depersonalization is the phrase to use for my condition. I want to feel like me again. Help

  122. Hi dreamers,I found this research paper may helpful: anyone want to try this?

    Imagery rehearsal therapy for posttraumatic nightmares in U.S. veterans.
    Lu M, Wagner A, Van Male L, Whitehead A, Boehnlein J.
    Mental Health Division, Portland VA Medical Center, Portland, OR, USA.
    Imagery rehearsal therapy (IRT) may help reduce residual nightmares and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms in veterans after trauma-focused PTSD treatment. Fifteen male U.S. veterans with PTSD and trauma-related nightmares, who had not previously completed trauma-focused PTSD treatment, attended 6 IRT group sessions. No benefits were observed immediately posttreatment. At 3- and 6-month follow-up, however, trauma-related nightmare frequency (nights/week) decreased (p < .01). The number of trauma-related nightmares/week (p < .01), number of total nightmares/week (p < .05), and PTSD symptoms (p < .05) also decreased at 3 months. The overall F test for time was significant (p < .05) for nightmare severity and fear of sleep. No effects were found on measures of the impact of nightmares, sleep quality, or depression. Clinical and research implications are discussed.

  123. Wow! Finally people who understand!

  124. Hello again everybody, from Desmond, (My name got cybernetically changed to Grace, but I feel fine, I ‘ll get over it.) Something Danelle said was important to me, Danelle said she had to go back and finish the dream. Do others find this? I notice it is really important to me, even though my friends criticize me for not getting up and joining them and just don’t understand. It’s as if I’m between worlds, and getting up to join the awake world leaves me feeling that important issues have been neglected, I don’t feel virtuous about getting up and “Conquering the tiredness”. When I do let the dream play out to the end, I then feel happy to get up and get involved in my physical life.
    On a consoling note, my dreams were nightmares for many years, now they are a delight, even the troublemakers ignore me, and I usually have an enjoyable companion to help me through the challenging tasks. I do think that there is more than just dreaming going on in many of our lives. I’ll wish health and peace everybody here.

    • Danelle
      I also feel like I need to go back to sleep to finish what ive started
      this is new for me the past week or two and its a little scary
      I’ve been waking up late and been late to things

  125. I reached this page having I typed in “active dreaming”. I did not think it was possible for dreaming to make you tired but thought I would “Google” it anyway as after weeks of animated dreaming I feel so tired and exhausted.

    From trying to outrun an invisible fiend, chasing various modes of transport for which I am continually late and (this was the most bizarre sensation) being jolted awake within a sleep floating in space Another constant within the dreams are three different buildings taking turns to be the backdrop – none of which are warm and cosy. My dreams also make me feel very lonely as I am observing other people enjoy themselves with me always being on the periphery.

    It’s comforting to know others have the similar sleep experiences so wish a good nights sleep to all.

  126. I am glad to find Alot people having the same problem as me. I am having problem sleeping without dreaming and I am just 14. But I won’t wanna “not To continue those Dreams” cause it is really nice, feels good and whatever we do in the dreams, it felt very real. It help me get what it feels like to get betrayed and all that.

  127. Well I had a feeling that I wasnt the only person who felt like this.. Lately Ive started to dream much more. It doesnt matter how many hours I sleep, Im still tired as fuck because of the dreams. Theyre not as nightmarish as some of you peoples dreams ive read, but theyre stille tiring.

    At the same time I enjoy dreaming. I think its fascinating and quite funny. Yeah. I know lots of you wants to get rid of them, so I guess you have bigger problems than me

  128. I,m glad i found this place were others are also experiancing the same as me i have such wild dreams every night that i wake up exhausted
    i ask myself why
    if im tired which i am most of the time these days i instantly fall asleep as my head hits the pillow
    But if i,m not so tired i still fall alseep very quick but then wake up in the early hours of the morning waiting for the daylight so i can get up?

  129. Howdy All! After my last post (like a year ago) I started contacting people that did dream researching. Basically no one is doing anything for this “disorder” as of yet, but maybe if we can get a community together they might be intersted! I started a blog about it, if you want to join in that would be great! I have found somewhat of an answer, but no cure.

    Many times I decide to go back to sleep, even if just for ten minutes, to “fishish” my dream. Sometimes it is just because it was a pleasent dream and I wanted to go back there!

    Anyway, feel free to join me on the blog and maybe some day we can make a difference!

  130. Just woke up after arguing with the lunch ladies at school over the price of my lunch for the last few hours. I’m very tired, and had (apparently) almost 9hrs sleep.

    So far the only ‘treatment’ I’ve found to force myself not to dream is either get drunk, or get VERY tired (stay awake for at least 24hrs).

    At least I know I’m not alone.

    • I just woke up from my dream where I played a full violin recital on stage! I’m exhausted!

      • Especially exhausting when you can’t play the violin! But at exhilarating experience when you are suddenly expert at a new skill!

  131. I have to come back and say, that I feel now my problem was my alarm clock. Now that I have had my baby, which is a young toddler now, I no longer need a alarm clock. He is my wake up call and I have to get up. Where as before I could press the snooze button over and over again. And continue dreaming. And it was draining me. I still have crazy dreams.

  132. I wake with a racing heart rate and when I take my blood pressure it can elevated. This is not normally a problem for me, high blood pressure. I feel the racing and my blood pressure may me in the high normal range 160/85 or so. It goes down when I wake and the dream with all the activity is gone. I mean can running in my dream or fighting or catching a huge fish. I guess these raise my fight/flight response and I get an adrenaline rush and that explains the heart rate elevation, bests me. Does this happen to anyone else?

  133. Hello Heather, I posted to your blogspot but I was told that an “@” is necessary and didn’t get through. Thanks for the useful research, I’ll try to get through once more.

  134. Hi. 26 year old Lucid dreamer, on anti depressants. Seem to dream all night long and wake up shattered almost every day.

  135. well, last time I don’t have this problem. it started when i was 11 year old, when i started playing FPS games. They said that FPS games might cause this too.

  136. Hi all! I am 63 years old and since adulthood I have had highly unusual and vivid dreams. Sometimes I am involved but sometimes it is a whole group of characters obviously “made up” in my mind. Lately, my dreams have gotten so active and intense that I am worn out when I wake up. My husband tells me that I cry and thrash around and sometimes call out in my sleep now. I Googled “constant active dreams” and got this site. It is very reassuring to know that I am clearly not alone in this. It would be nice to just sleep for a change with no drama.

  137. i’m another vivid dreamer who is knackered every day because of it! I have insomnia and then when I do eventually get to sleep I just feel even worse than before, PLEASE someone who has the means to do so find out what is wrong with us 😦 I need proper sleep!!!

  138. Thanks Grace, it seems to be a bit of a pain in the butt to post to over there, so I would guess there has to be another way.

    Ruth: I have noticed that while on different medications I really act out my dreams, with the crying and actually hitting my husband. Since I have told the doctors no more medication, I still dream all night but it is calmer, and I no longer scare my husband 🙂 Hope yours calm down too!

  139. i have been having these reoccurring dreams, like this would be the fourth time, but the first three were like within a year or two and this one was last night, but the first three i had were all the same outcome except this one and and different scenario. anyway, the 1st three were about how the sky was on fire and i was by some houses and when they fell nothing or no one got hurt.and last nights was the same dream, but here the sky was on fire and when it fell, it hit a building but i was by a train station, and i tried to get someone to call the cops but they all stood there stupidly

    Already Tried:
    well i try to wake up and get it to go away, but that doesnt work, and when i got up this morning i was not myself like i was a differant person, i didnt brush my hair, my mind was in agony and my nerves were shaking. funny thing is i have had dreams all my life, in color and so real that if i fall or whatever my leg or foot will really move like it really happened or i sleep walk still to. i dont know what else to do, but i never felt this bad after a dream except for this one

  140. I have the same issues as everyone else. It’s free cinema but leaves me very tired. I’ve noticed that in my dreams I say words, phrases and even tell jokes – that I have never used in normal waking life. That’s the strangest part for me, but I guess I’m comfortable with it now.

    So, let’s get to some solutions;

    Alcohol is one, being ultra-tired is another.. however getting smashed every night just to get to sleep is going to cause hangovers that will tire us out more than just the dreaming alone.

    How about herbal teas? Quiet music? Nature sounds? Or how about complete and utter silence / sound deprivation? I was thinking that outside noises could be triggering events in dreams so I bought a load of ear plugs. These do completely block out external noises but, if anything, make the dreaming more intense. It’s like being in a cocoon, or back in the womb, again.. muffled breathing sounds and the feeling of being completely secure, I guess the mind is free to wander even more.

    We need to start testing out different methods to get our minds to stop racing in our sleep. I don’t recommend this in the slightest but I have noticed that after taking ecstasy at the weekend (back in the day), I would have a week of dream-free sleep.

    Ecstasy depletes serotonin levels in the brain, and I notice that there are some people in this thread who are on anti-depressants. With serotonin imbalances causing mood changes and depression, perhaps there is a link between the two.

    Sleeping tablets don’t work for me, by the way. I tried them twice, same dreaming but when I woke up in the middle of the night, I had forgotten that I’d taken the pills.. I was confused, my head felt like there was some freezing-burning liquid coursing through it, I had no idea what was happening and I thought I’d lost my mind. Never trying that again!

    Let’s get to trying different strategies – post any successes, no matter how minor, maybe together we can find a universal solution.

    All the best!

  141. Hello,
    Thank you all for sharing your stories. As long as I can remember I have had very crazy, intense and vivid dreams. Sometimes my dreams are very wonderful and sometimes they are just as scary. I dream a lot throughout the night and also during naps. It doesn’t happen to me every night, but off and on, regularly, through out my life. Lately I’ve come to the realization that my dreams exhaust me. I recently quit the 9-5 to work from home/be a stay at home “step mom” and I know that inactivity can make you more tired so that may also have something to do with this. However, I felt this way while I was working. One of the most intense dreams I have ever had happened while I was at work; I took my lunch break a little earlier than normal because I was feeling so tired. I decided to go to my truck and take a 20 minute nap. I set the alarm on my cell phone and went right to sleep. I was dreaming that I was taking a nap in my truck and some punks in clown makeup (think ICP or something) broke in, even though I was in the truck, and went though all of my things inside. I was scared for myself. I knew though, that I was dreaming. The dream felt much longer than the 15 minutes I actually slept. My mind knew I was dreaming, I told myself “Jamie, WAKE UP! You are going to be late getting back to work” I knew I was asleep, I knew I was dreaming, I told myself to wake up and I tried to wake up, I tried to move my arms, I tried to open my eyes and I couldn’t until my alarm did go off and it sort of snapped me out of it and I woke up.

    I have been told that I am very “intuitive” and I kind of feel things sometimes.I have blogged about things in my life, how I feel about things and those feelings come true. The street light thing happens to me but I really think no matter what street you go down or who you are you’re going to find a flickering streetlight. I do have to say though that I have been known to break electronics, vehicles run poorly when I drive them – might just be because I always seem to get lemons (btw I take very good care of my vehicles, my dad was an aircraft mechanic and worked on cars my whole life so I got a taste of mechanics at a young age). A few years ago I had a case of Atrial Fibrilation, with no apparent cause or recurrence. The doctors say it’s sort of an electrical misfire in your heart causing irregular heartbeat. I also, once or twice a year, have weird (mental, dream like) episodes several times a day for a day or two that I have never been checked for. I have done some research on these episodes and I am convinced with out a doubt they are a type of seizure (electrical misfire in the brain). The seizures are in a group called “simple partial seizures and there are 4 types, the feelings I experience completely fit the symptoms of “Psychic” seizures and some fall into “Autonomic” seizures. Psychic seizures involve a really intense deja-vu, dream like, psychic feeling along with a sense of doom or trouble, a hot flash feeling (I’m only 26), sometimes I can’t talk or function, sick to my stomach, I’m awake and aware the whole time, I know they are happening. It starts like I’m remembering bits of a dream but as soon as I do I forget and then I get hot/cold, nausea, and the other symptoms. I have deja-vu from time to time, everyone does but these are way more intense. Read about them at it’s interesting.

    Also, last winter I had a very, very bad case of something (flu came back neg, strep etc…. but the docs said it looked like the flu, like the worst case they saw all year) Anyway (I get off track) when I was finally starting to feel better (not really better, but alive anyhow) I felt like, whatever I looked at, looked weird, like I wasn’t seeing through my own eyes. Looking in the mirror felt strange so I avoided it. I thought I’d lost it. Finally those feelings went away.

    Anyway, I wanted to share my story as well and also tell about the other weird things that have happened to me. I haven’t really tried anything for this but I kind of feel like if I slept better I wouldn’t dream like I do, because I don’t feel like I get a good night’s rest most of the time and when I do I don’t remember my dreams. So, yeah, I can relate and I’m glad I’m not the only one. I know being really tired (physically not mentally) helps. I do smoke cigs, I very rarely drink, I don’t do any drugs, except for an occasional hit (one or two puffs is plenty for me) of weed (very rare also, rare enough that I’ve passed every work related piss test) alcohol and weed help, but I don’t “need” or “crave” either one so I don’t really do them. I took a sleeping pill once, but it made the inanimate objects in my room talk to me, which felt like a dream anyway. Sorry I don’t have a solution…..

  142. I THINK I HAVE FOUND SOME ANSWERS!!!! I found some websites that may offer some information. From what I have been reading most of us probably don’t have balanced sleep cycles, we are mostly in REM sleep.One said during REM our brains are just as active when we are awake but while our brains are active our bodies are “paralyzed” as a natural way to protect us. I’ve experienced lucid dreaming like this (my 20 minute nap story). When we spend most of our sleep in the REM stage we don’t achieve a restful, refreshing sleep. Anyway hope some of these links help.

    *for the last link above -my connection is too slow to watch this, but I think it would be worth it. The link between dreaming and depression. I notice a lot of you are on anti depressants, I usually have low times, once a year where I am a basketcase and have to be on them for a few months (I don’t like taking meds so I usually quit)

    *the link above explains the depression-dreaming link and why we are so exhausted, I’d say, if we feel depressed, have depression or not this could be a great explanation. We REM sleep too much. this link states “Extended dreaming is exhausting, not just because it deprives us of restful and restorative slow-wave sleep (that should make up three-quarters of our sleep time), but also because it stimulates the orientation response. This is a vital pathway in the brain that alerts us to interesting things in the day, generating motivation to act, but it can’t do this so well if it has been over-used in dream-sleep the previous night. So, the next morning we awake feeling terrible because we haven’t really slept, and we find it much harder to get motivated to get up and do anything because the brain mechanism that generates that interest in life is exhausted as well.

    Exhaustion on waking and lack of motivation are features common to all depressed people. Because our normal sense that life is meaningful comes from the actions we take, when our motivation levels are low, life quickly comes to seem meaningless. The natural delight we take in being alive and doing things drains away.”

    *the above link is another dream-depression correlation. Seems to make sense to me. I don’t feel depressed I’m a generally happy person but there are a lot of stresses on me in my life, maybe I don’t feel depressed because I work it all out during my sleep, which exhausts me during the day. this site states “Why is over-dreaming bad for me?

    Basically, because dreaming is hard work.

    Dreaming itself is not a restful activity. Dreaming is called ‘paradoxical sleep’ because brain wave patterns are similar to those of the brain when completely awake.

    Dreaming is a state of arousal.

    As far as much of your brain is concerned, your dream is real. So adrenaline and other stress hormones in your system will be active in the body.

    This is a double edged sword, because over-dreaming, as well as using up these hormones and energy, is actually making it harder for the body to make more. As you try to flush out the incomplete emotions, you spend more time in REM sleep, and therefore less time in deep sleep, when your body should be recuperating in preparation for producing these hormones for the next day.

    So if you are over-dreaming you’re not resting but flooding your system with adrenaline and other stress hormones. If most of your sleep consists of dreams, your body and mind will begin to feel very tired during the day. Depressed people often report that the worst time of day is first thing in the morning.

    Sometimes a depressed person may start waking up early in the morning and not be able to get back to sleep. This may be a way of the body trying to cut down on over-dreaming in order to try and lift depression.

    This depletion is also why depressed people often feel at their worst first thing in the morning.

    As the day progresses, their hormones replenish themselves and their energy levels increase, and they are better able to motivate themselves.” I think this makes sense because I am more active in the evening, I have energy late in the day.

    So here is your *uneducated, unofficial, don’t listen to me I’m not a doctor* diagnosis. You get too much REM sleep and not enough restful sleep, which may be caused by depression (whether you feel depressed or not), or stress. a few of the sites may offer something so solve the problem so read up, I skimmed in hopes of finding useful information for everyone. Take it as you will, it helped me figure out WHY I feel like this, now I can figure out how to remedy it and when I do I will let you all know.

    • Thanks for the useful websites, Jamie, I’ve taken a quick look at all of them and there is a lot to learn on them. This is from five years later on, in September 2014.

  143. Could any one please explain to resolve this?
    Everyone here is having the same story and we all know when wake up fully exhuasted like we did some hard work whole night.

    Please any thing to solve this problem, It is affecting my work now I am always tired untill 3PM.

    I visited many doctor’s everyone comes up with new story.

  144. It’s reassuring to know I am not alone….but I am soooo tired and exhausted from dreaming all night. I feel confused and like I am not thinking straight during the day. This has been going on for me for a couple of months and I think it has something to do with stress (anxiety and depression). I’m having an extremely difficult time coping with something traumatic that happened to me a a few years ago. I think if I could somehow resolve and accept it, I could get a good night sleep without dreaming. I just don’t know how!

  145. I have insomnia i take tablets and smoke cannabis to help me sleep. i wake up tired still most mornings , mainly after a lucid dream from the moment i pass out im in a very deep blacked out sleep, towards morning my mind starts with the lucid dreams and then when i come to wake up im absolutely knackered it started happening weeks back and getting worse. Surely with tablets i thought this wouldnt happen because im in such a deep sleep. Is there anything that can solve this?, im trying to get my sleep back on track but every morn/noon when i wake i just feel like going back to sleep even after awaking, being awake for hours im still tired

  146. Thanks very much Jamie for sharing so much of your research, and in such clear detail, I will visit the websites you mentioned and see if I can learn anything useful.

  147. i always wake up during sleep at night, and i feel exhausted. Even before i am totally asleep, the dreamscape start. i have no idea why i âm lie this but i hate waking up all tired. Stupid fearfull dreams make me so anxious because of all that running, fear, gun fights, fist fights, zombies, vampires etc. tonight, i dont want to wake up in the rem sleep.

  148. **how do I block theses dreams**
    dreams of war, hurt, pain, confussion, no direction, loss
    im aware its my overactive mind n nt finishing subjects that need to be put to sleep but surely my sub con cant haunt me forever. I work in intensive care and see awful things everday could it b tht? maybe its telling me to get away. I cant cope with some of the dreams I wake crying and recently hav experience sleep paralysis which is the worst feeling. im glad to see theres many more dreamers out there was thinkin I was goin mad!!!!

  149. I am on the same page as everyone else. As a teenager I remember I used to love sleeping because of all the adventures and cool dreams I had. Now they just make me tired. I wake up especially tired and disappointed when my dream is just another 8 hours of a regular day such as being at work, running errands, etc.

    I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy when I was 16 or 17 which isn’t just falling asleep at random times, but excessive daytime sleepiness. As someone mentioned, dreams occur in REM sleep and apparently too much of it makes us all tired. I have had a couple sleep tests done which is cool to see that I enter the REM stage after only a 1 min 30 seconds compared to normal which is 90 minutes. That happened during each of my 5 naps during the day after 8 hours of sleep the night before.

    I know I have googled it before, and found that eating certain foods before sleeping can cause more active dreaming. I have tried not eating certain foods before bed and it seemed to work a little bit.

    I am glad there are so many other people like me. I hate when someone notices I am tired and says “Didn’t you sleep last night?”. I love the nights when I don’t dream at all.

    • wow my husband kept telling me that there was no way i could dream like 2min into me falling asleep but its sooo nice to read that im not crazy that it happens to other people… i wonder whats wrong with all of us why we dream soooo much more than other people …….

      • yes you can-I dream the minute I fall asleep. And when I wake up to see not even 10 minutes went by -I think this is goin’ to be a tiresome night.

  150. I’m now at least relieved after I read the comments here. I really thought I was the only one having this kind of thing. I hate to dream ‘coz it makes me very tired when I get up in the morning. And my husband got mad at me sometimes ‘coz he said I kicked him, punched, etc. that would make him awake. I told him, I don’t know, I had a dream. He said madly, stop your dreaming! Oh my goodness!!! So I said, if there’s just something I could do to stop my dreaming everynite, I’ve done it already. I’m tired of dreaming everynite. I hate it!!! It makes my body exhausted.

  151. Does anyone here have Fibromyalgia?

  152. I have the solution to this dillema. You must get the book “Dreamgates” by Robert Moss. Start working with the energy of your dreams instead of fighting against them! I started working with my dreams, and instead of dreading going to sleep at night because of the gut wrenchingly super vivid, realistic, crazy dreams that left me exhausted the next day, I now LOVE looking forward going to sleep at night for what I might learn from my dreams..I even think of my dreams as films to enjoy. I’ve eliminated nightmares, having uplifting, lucid wonderful dreams. I wake up more refreshed and happy. It’s been a world of difference. L

  153. Interesting comments Laurie. Most of the time, I dread each night, for the unknown and general frustration of mundane, or harrowing vivid dreaming, but occasionally, I get a positive dream sensation like you mention and they are wonderful. I can’t say it makes me any more refreshed upon rising however – if you are dreaming all night – be it good or bad, is surely irrelevant? Your brain is not getting good/deep sleep.

    On a more general point. I have just bought a book “Healing Your Sinuses” by a Harvard bigwig, because I’ve had septo-rhinoplasty, following a badly broken nose and think the decreased airway and breathing may have culminated in sinus problems and perhaps sleep change. More recently, I’ve developed excess mucus and foul morning mouth (first thing is to spit out mucus).

    I have been having the dreams described here for more than a year now. I feel like I’m losing out on my life, because I’m far from 100%. I take the dog out first thing in the morning and stumble along like a zombie – it’s any wonder I don’t keel over! The feeling is utterly depressing! A strong coffee on return is vital. This can never be right.

  154. I’ve been having the same probles. I get to sleep around the same time every night and wake up the same time every morning. I have plenty of sleep. But I toss and turn all night because of my crazy, bad dreams. I wake up not rested at all and just want to go back to sleep. Coffee sometimes doesn’t even help. I need some kind of lease of mind! If anyone knows of a soulution so I can for once, wake up rested, let me know..

  155. I have been suffering from this terrible “sleep disorder” for the last two years. I usually suffer for a month or two at a time and then magically it will disappear just as quickly as it arrived. Well…it’s back and I hate it! I’m wondering if pregnancy can also trigger it because I am pregnant now and dealing with the same thing that everyone else seems to be dealing with in this comment section.

    This might sound silly (and I’m not sure if anyone can relate…) but it seems to start after I have my mind focused on something very particular during my day. This is going to sound stupid but recently I got really excited about an art project I was working on and my mind could not get off it! I would think of all the exciting things I could do with it and voila (!), started vivid dreaming at night and waking up EXHAUSTED. I definitely think it has something to do with an overactive mind and being unable to “tune out” at night. I really hope we all fined relief sometime soon…I would LOVE to know how to have a great nights sleep.

    • I have posted here more than once before and it’s started again for me, after a long break. I have no idea why!

  156. This is quite wonderful to read. After yet another night of vivid dreams that seemed to last forever i am sitting at my desk thinking i am going to fall asleep any second. I too typed in “can dreaming too much make you tired” and was amazed to see this thread. If anyone does find a way of switching off the dreams it would be great.

    My boyfriend is always amazed that i can sit there at breakfast and reel off dream after dream to him i had the night before in so much detail. I have started to edit them too though as a lot of them are not always that nice. People who have had a bad influence on my life keep appearing and it wouldn’t be nice for him to hear it.

    He barely ever dreams (or doesn’t remember anyway).

    I also seem to suffer from incredible deja vu. But weirdly i can tell you when i dreamt it too, not like my brain is having some sort of stutter. I can say i remember doing this in a dream last tuesday, or about 3 months ago. It is crazy, does anyone else get that?

    I have always been very intuiative, i get a sudden sense of fear or forboding and i have to ring everyone in the famiy as i know something bad has happened. And mostly i am right.

    Or i with certain people i seem to have the ability to hear some thoughts. It scares the life out of me so i very rarely tell people this ( i think because i can’t see you i don’t mind telling you! i can’t see the look of “she is a fruit loop” in your eyes). But i am wonderng if this is all linked. Almost an extra part of our brain is switched on and getting too much information for it to handle.

    I am so not the sort of person who believes in this sort of stuff, i am the believer in science and very practical. But i can’t explain this, so it does scare me a bit.

    I would love to know if anyone else has this or it is just me.

    And also what can be done about it. Should i explore it further or is ignorance bliss? Will i end up taking the lid of Pandoras box and not be able to stop it.

    I feel like it is all linked somehow….

  157. Emmaly-I too have a ‘sense’ of what people are thinking-I don’t actually hear thoughts but you know right away if you should talk, what not to say or just go away right away. I am here today because today I feel like I had a workout last night. Slightly sore muscles like a used them alot and now I’m tired and I haven’t even started the day. So glad I found this page-I’m sure this all means something. I would also like a biblical answer too.

  158. This is really a revelation/breakthrough for me to learn that so many others have this experience! I wake up every morning exhausted, sometimes with headaches and tight sore muscles. I feel like I’ve entered an alternative life in my dreams and I’m often running around like crazy and doing very active things and interacting with people from my past, people I have unresolved issues with often. I don’t have the energy for any of this in my daytime life. I have considered myself as having chronic fatigue syndrome for too many years to mention! Could it all relate to this too active dream life? I’ve thought it was a possibility, but perhaps it’s just too ‘far out’ an idea to explain my chronic drowsiness and many other bodily and other kinds of symptoms. I’m on disability, have been for years. I’m not able to live a .’normal’ life orenjoy my life very much. As I’ve gotten older it seems to have gotten worse. I’m now 67. I ‘goodled’ ‘dreams too active’ and was brought to this page.

    What I’ve give to wake up feeling rested. Haven’t in a very long time! Although I can also see the possible reasons for this activity.

  159. I have the same issue
    Im tired now from my dreams. Its like I stayed up and watch a whole bunch of movies that I had to participate in. And a lot of times it won’t let me wake up fully so I could be half dreaming and awake. And it makes getting out of bed hard, though I’ve discovered putting my headphones on and playing music helps me get up.

  160. Hello guys,

    Wow, it’s so good to see so many of you can relate. Out of all my friends and family I am the only one who has this. They don’t believe me and call me lazy when I say I feel mentally drained after my dreams.

    Granted, this might be a gift for us because my dreams go both ways. Sometimes it is like I am living out a dream but other times like tonight I felt terrified and I don’t even remember what happened but my heart is still pounding and I still feel anxious 30 mins later.

    THERE IS A CURE! From my experiments, consuming marijuana before bed completely kills my dreams. I initially thought this was a bad thing but once I stopped smoking I found myself getting more and more tired upon waking up.

  161. Cathy
    I’m not the only one! I live two lives, awake and asleep! Only lately I’ve been told I cry, moan, laugh, and move alot in my sleep. In the morning I drag myself out of bed like I’ve been on some mission.

  162. Hey guys, there is a real simple solution to this and it is in no way easy (I know). Bear with me. I had the same problem, and now it seems I’m relapsing into it, now that it’s: “the summer”. And this isn’t to refer to anyone who is having nightmares or other disorders. This is strictly for “sleeping makes me tired”.

    Do NOT sleep more than 6-8 hours a night (unless you are catching up over the week-end for the lack of sleep during the work-week).
    You remember Saturday mornings when you were little and you thanked-the-gods that you didn’t have anything to do so you got to sleep in? Yeah, you need to start doing that again. One day, maybe Sunday is a good day to set aside and chill-out and be lazy. (Lazy Sunday HiYooo!) but give a week with waking up early and you will feel refreshed now that it’s part of your daily cycle; you’re body needs time to readjust and re-establish it’s biological timers.

    Restrain from taking any energy drinks/coffee (someone above has linked a site about that) – (which is true).

    What’s awesome is that your body wakes you up, naturally. When you first wake up, and you do, don’t lie! Just immediately jump in the shower, you gotta, if you’re like me and you love to analyze your dream and your an advent lucid dreamer so it’s in your routine to reminiscence over the craziness, jump in the shower first -eyes closed-, you will still be able to hold onto those cock-tail stories. But get yourself up, do push ups, jumping jacks, get your heart going; or, go on automatic pilot, make yourself breakfast (careful not to burn your pop-tart) and just stare a blank wall for several hours, as long as your mind is not dreaming: as dreaming is in brain-waves Stage 4 sleep, more activity than in waking as it’s producing delta waves: slow and high amplitudes. Basically, your mind is still on (unless you’re dead), and think about it, your mind is MAKING A GODDAMN WORLD FOR YOU TO LIVE IN, WITH ALL THIS CRAZY SHIT. Don’t you think it’s using a hella-va-lot of power to do this? (chya, it is) – (that’s why the cycle repeats, from stage 1 to 4, because your mind is resetting everything and storing information, filtering our memories, which are also things that get thrown in, or discharged in stage 4).

    Over-sleeping is a luxury we can’t afford with our health since over-sleeping can lead to various diseases; and as a runner, fat builds over your heart, since after-all, it is a muscle. (I know, scary thought!). So hopefully this will motivate you.

    =====The body only needs about 6-8 hours of sleep. If you have any friends who get 4-6 of sleep, then you’ll know that they are also the friends who are really energetic, (Warning: friends may vary!) – (after-all we are all different) and you just think it’s about their attitude, having nothing to do with their sleeping habit? Allow me to interject! These two things run hand-in-hand. But, if you do need 8 hours of sleep, or 9, because some people do (from my Psychology: Sleep Deprivation Course) than that’s what you need. (in that case: I’m assuming you’re oversleeping 13-15 hours a day, and not 10 hours like the rest of us) – (I read someone said they slept 13 hours straight, above).=====

    So, if you are like me, and you love dreaming. It’s all about resisting temptation (yeah, who wants that?) and regulating yourself. Seriously, have some self-control. (Note: I do not even follow my own advice – Because it is that hard). I have a tendency to find that dreaming is the highest point of my day. :/

    Hope this helps!

  163. I love this slightly crazy, yet compelling paragraph above by “Tous”. I think it’s as close to any for arousing the truth of what is happening with the mind/body.

    How many people suffering from lucid dreaming and/or tiredness have had since a notable change in lifestyle? Mine is certainly linked to this: I used to get up for work each day before 8am and then cycle 15miles within half-an-hour of rising. Back in these times, I never had the dreaming. Since 2009, (preparing for a year abroad in 2010) I have not worked or needed to regularly get up in the mornings. I care for my Gdad nowadays and never need to rise at a certain time, nor do I exercise in the morning like I used to. So for me, either this “too much flexibility” is causing sleep problems, or because I’m not working, I don’t have a large day’s section of thoughts to want to forget about – perhaps I have all the awake day’s thoughts swimming constantly and taking hold as I turn in for sleep.

    It would be interesting to survey everyone here and pick out fundamental questions, such as above, plus many more and I’m sure a correlation could be formulated.

  164. Hey, I have been experiencing some crazy things for the last couple of weeks. I’m 17 years old and I had this weird episode during one night where I felt like i was about to shutdown, then after that i have been terrified to sleep so i would use my ipod or watch some tv and then would fall asleep at 4 am and wake up at 8 or 9 am. I went to a friends house and stayed up all night doing crazy but harmless shenanigens with my friends and then went home at 10 am and spent the whole day in my ipod watching some crazy videos. Thats when hell broke loose and started to have such vivid dreams. I have an active imagination and am a recluse. I watch a kids show which I tend to like and think about it 24/7. Then when i try to sleep at night i have a vivid dream about me being in the show and something about the characters being in trouble and that i had to save them but the thing is i had my eyes opened during my sleep because i saw my whole room with my view point from the floor (since i like sleeping on the floor) having this crazy dreams I woke up having a throbbing in my gut and i had a slight panic that my heart somehow went to my stomach and mannifested itself there. I crawled up to my bed and realized that i went to sleep perfectly that is until i layed on right side and the dream i had earlier had the audicity to come crawl back into my mind and i immediately layed on the other side. I forgot to mention that i fell asleep at 11 or 12 something at night and woke up at 3 in the morning. I think this dream has something to do with my addiction to the kids show that i love watching I just really wish i knew what is goin in my mind and i am scared out of my mind. And sorry for this long comment but i try asking my parents for help and dont get me wrong we are very close but when i try to tell them my problem they just completely ignore me and just tell me that im just silly and that nothing is happening to me. So basically they just leave me in the dark. I really need help and if i need a therapist to help me then bring him/her with me cause i need someone to assure me that there is something wrong with me and that it is curable or i might just go insane. The thing i fear the most is that i might sleep walk and do absurred things that i will regret

    • Allen, I urge you to go see your doctor immediately. Not because you are in danger, but because there IS help. You don’t need to feel the way you do. Your doctor can help or send you to the person who can.

  165. I feel the same way…i am sick and tired of these real like (watching movies) kind of exhausted sleep. My head pounds these days, may be because of those crazy dreams and some of them dreams do exactly come true. It is like watching an enactment of something that is going to happen during daytime. However, not all of the dreams do come out to be true.

    Like you said I would rather have dark quiet restful sleep then these exhausting roller coaster ride dreams. Have you found any remedy since you posted your concern last year. If you have please share it with me.

  166. same here…i do get tired when i dream. and i feel that im freakin using a lot of energy in my dreams.well my dreams arethe types that come true…so i wonder if im in another dimension when im dreaming…hmmmmm

  167. Wow everyone !! This is intense ! I thought I was the only “nut case” whose dreaming was more like another life. This site with all of your posts goes back to 2007 and that’s amazing to me. I’d talk to others about these crazy nights and they’d offer their suggestions but I haven’t found one that works. I figured things would get better when I found that I have sleep apnea and needed a CPAP. Now, because I’m still not getting enough sleep (honestly, who can sleep with a mask on?!!) they want (suggesting) me to take antidepressants. I don’t want to be tethered to meds, I just want to get a decent night’s sleep. I jokingly tell my husband to get a 2×4 and aim for the cheap seats but I tell you, part of me is NOT joking. It looks like I’m in good company with you all but all the same I hope with ALL of my heart we can all find the answer !!! Soon !

  168. Sabrina and ssusarb: I too have some (definitely not all) that seem and feel more real and some do come true. A couple are more like omens ! I’ve often wondered if dreams are a portal to someplace else. It seem like de’ ja vous episodes are just dreams that we forgot we had. How else can they be explained? Any takers?

  169. Dreams give us a clue to our real nature as human beings. We are not the physical body; we are truly spiritual beings. John 6:63 says “Life is spiritual and physical presence adds nothing to it.” This makes more sense why you can dream having sex and wake up finding that you have ejaculated. Or that you can have a scary dream and wake up with your heart beating faster. Your imagination or consciousness is your real self, and the world you see in your imagination is a real world. If your imaginaition (or dream) is not real, how could it have an effect on your physical body?

    Most people are totally unaware of the creative power of imagination, and they accept life on the basis of the world without. Your real self is at where your consciousness is. Wherever you go in consciousness or imagination, and make it real, there you will be in your physical body. We human beings have the ability to imagine. Life is essentially an imagination and nothing is impossible in imagination. But for a strange reason, we seem to think that not all our imaginations can be manifested in the physical world.

    You have little control over what you can dream about. But you have full control over what you can visualize creatively. Let us all take advantage of this spiritual power that we have as human beings. Just as your vivid dreams have a physical effect on you, believe that your creative visualizations of your future will also manifest in physical reality. Try it, it never fails.

  170. I have this regularly! I wake up after dreaming (because I usually dream in the early morning) and I feel completely exhausted, I want to sleep more, I feel as if my brain hasn’t had even an hours sleep, even though I’ve been sleep for 10 hours. It’s hard to get up to go to school, I really would like to know if dreaming does make someone tired..

    • I have written here before and can say it’s sometimes better and other times worse. If you’re feeling a bit low or stressed (includes all of us at times) the brain tries to work things out via dreams but the result is as you describe. Strangely I sometimes feel better being awake at 2 or 3am for a bit. I have had some better nights with Valerian (Holland & Barrett!) – which is a herb – but cannot say it “cures” the problem. The only consolation is that you are not alone. As you see from this site, dozens of people have written suffering the same.

  171. So is there any solution to it or are we going to live our lives dreaming crazily and waking up feeling tired and bizarre.

  172. If that many of us have this problem – shouldn’t someone help us?! Im in a terrible mood because I’m exhausted today.
    Last night i learnt aliens had invaded Earth and my best friend left her husband to be with an Alien. It took so much effort to stop her from being taken to Mars as a bride.

    There was a stage in my life where I took these dreams as gifts – maybe God gave me these dreams to inspire great novels, or to giving me a small insight into the future? I’m not sure. But right now all I want is a full nights sleep.

    • That was good work, Jas. I was looking after dozens of different, small animals in ICU. Each time one was saved, another went critical. There were other complications I have forgotten. Phew. You get up needing to go to bed.
      The only new discovery I have made is that I sometimes feel better next day if I am awake in the night – BUT IT HAS TO BE AT THE RIGHT TIME! I have discovered that in olden times sleep was broken into two – a “first” and a “second” sleep. If you look this up under “first and second sleep” there are various references to it. If I wake about 2am and go back to sleep at around 3, I usually feel better than if I have tried to sleep through.
      Of course, there are various complications – you can’t set an alarm clock if you have a partner who is not suffering in the same way. If I wake at 4.30am I still seem to feel terrible.

      • Thanks for the tip on ‘first and second sleeps’ – I will definitely look into that a bit more.

        Apart from being blind drunk, I cannot remember the last time I have had a dreamless sleep. Even midday naps or sleeping 12 hrs straight don’t help.

        On another note, does anyone here suffer from sleep paralysis?

  173. I did go to a sleep doctor and participated in a sleep study. What they found, for me anyway, is that I cycle into a near conscious state more frequently than most people. I believe she said normally people do this a couple of times per hour and I do it like 20 times. This would explain why I remember my dreams and they seem to last so long. Also, this is why I’m tired. She wanted me to try a CPAP, even though there is no apnea, but I didn’t. Maybe it would help…

    • I use a CPAP. I’m not so tired when I wake up, but I still have the long, crazy dreams. That concept of frequently being in a near conscious state sounds plausible to me. Even with the CPAP I’m aware every time I turn over or adjust the mask.

  174. If you get any answers, I’d like to know. I have the same issue. I call it my night life.

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  176. I ‘ve been having three to four vivid dreams each night too ever since last month when I freaked myself out one night and couldn’t sleep. This really sucks. I miss those days of having a long and peaceful night of sleep, waking up feeling soo damn good. Really hope someone finds a solution to this!! Dunno if we should all go see a sleep doctor for this or just hope it resolves on its own with time..which I think it will eventually, I hope…

  177. Hey guys check this out! The way to fall into a deep sleep which means no dreaming!

  178. That makes sense !!! Don’t know why I didn’t realize this before !! I used to run at night. I never experienced this “lack of sleep” until my routine changed because there was a report that said exercising at night wasn’t good. (there were other aspects that changed like a move to a different state and a divorce) Now I can’t run due to an achilles injury. I’m going to have to find something that will wear me out ! Back to my old routine.

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  182. I, like everyone else on this board, found this site after yet another tense night of dreaming. If I tell someone I am tired their first questions is, “are you sleeping?” Well yeah-just in a frantic sort of way…so it’s nice to meet all of you. My dreams are one of three things; go-go-go situations, impossible tasks that cannot be completed or very emotional, painful, sad, situations. I always wake up with a jolt, with stiff, sore muscles, feeling confused and exhausted.

    I am, by nature, a driven, anxious person-my past experiences have made me so (Although I am better with yoga, meditation and other daily exercise…) If I think of my dreams as my lower-survival brain trying to sort itself while my upper, smart brain is offline-my dreams make more sense. When I have a dream where-in I just can’t quite get it right and I spend the entire dream running around trying so hard to get it right-that is a direct reflection of my underlying belief system of myself and others (others are demanding-I am not good enough). My waking, smart brain would deny that I have that belief….

    So I am looking for a cause/solution-maybe this can help others as well? Cause: I have started to really examine these frantic dreams and compare them to recent (2-3 years) personal events and the feelings they produce while I am awake…funny, my waking feelings, although less intense, have some nice similarities and correlations. Solution: Here’s what I am going to try—before I go to bed a short mantra like-“all is complete for the day and I have done enough…” 20 times…deep breathing…tree pose for grounding and NO CAFFIENE after 5pm (no need to fuel the mind beast). If I have a night of dreams, when I wake, I will take a moment to look at them and if possible, address their content, reassure myself and begin to find ways of letting some of it go.

  183. i also have the wore out wake up after dreaming the night before . however on nights when i have zero recollection of dreams i wake up refreshed and ready to go . i too have vivid and sometimes extreme dreams but almost never nightmarish . but if i were able to record them i could sell them as cool movies . this is something i have dealt with all my life but at 40 yrs old i need my REST and dreams are just not restful . ok well thats my story , i just want restdfull sleep !

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  186. MY GOD…all of these people and more , i’m sure have the same problems or similar…..I do have that problem too….I wake up so tired form running a lot, , giggling at work or home, working hard…when my brain should be at rest. When i got up, I feel like my body has been working so hard and I really need a good sleep…

    What I tried a couple of times was to seriously pray before bed, and it helped…I have to do that every night.

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  189. This blog made me literally laugh out loud! Esp. the “thank God I’m in bed because I need a nap” part. I totally relate to everything the blogger said about dreaming vivid and weird dreams, about it feeling wrong to get out of bed upon awaking (many times, I feel I have some unfinished business in that dream I just left) and about being worn out during the morning hours!

  190. So very grateful to have found you all! Like most of you, I Googled “Vivid Dreams Exhaustion” and found this page.. For me, it is typically problem solving that encompasses much of my dream state. Often, I am thinking and striving SO hard to solve impossible problems. It is so tiring and my brain is exhausted. I, too, can wake up, use the bathroom, and return to the dream and the dilemma! Sometimes I’m running crazy terrain (in high heels!) to get somewhere. I often – almost always, in fact – awake in mid-sentence conversations with dream people (not really speaking aloud, but very much in articiulate, detailed conversations in my head). And, very often, when I lay down to sleep the following night, like another poster has said, the dream from the previous night returns. I am 63 years old and this pattern of sleep (or NON sleep!!!) has been present since I was a little child. I recall trying to explain it to my parents and they just dismissed it – I had wanted them to know that I had “continuous” dreams – that is, dreams that picked up where they’d left off the previous night. Even as a child, I knew this was not normal! I often say, “I wonder if my brain will EVER shut down – even after I die!!!” It seems to never take a rest! And therein lies my question…can all of this intense thinking and superficial sleep – after years and years – take a negative toll on the brain? I can’t imagine it is good! And I’m SO tired of awaking each morning physically exhausted from a very, very superficial night’s sleep. I have heard it said that we expend as much energy in our dream state as we would in reality. So if we are dreaming constantly about “doing” and running or whatever, it is no different than if we are doing it in reality. All I know is that I WISH I could do something about it. It has really affected my quality of life.

    • Hi Ginny, I’m glad that you found this site, also. It’s a strange sort of kinship we all seem to have where we understand each other as far as our dreaming and sleeping life goes. Others have suggested that milk before bedtime helps. I know for me, when I get into a regular exercise routine, that that helps tremendously. I’ve also found that reading in bed before sleep helps out a lot, also. What’s kind of weird for me is that I can nap during the day, sometimes two hours, and when I wake up, I have no idea what I dreamed. My dreams don’t linger with me and keep me in some sort of hungover state after naps like they tend to do when I awaken in the mornings. That’s actually kind of weird. However, sometime when I nap, as soon as my mind begins to relax, I begin to recall my dreams from the previous night, although I don’t necessarily go back in to that dream. Someone with a scientific mind could say that maybe I’m not REALLY recalling my dream from the previous night. Maybe it’s a brand new dream, and my mind, in its relaxed state, is DREAMING that it’s from the previous night. And that’s true. Who knows? I find it kind of interesting though.

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  192. An interesting article that may give people some help/ideas:

    I have no problems with my airways during the day, but one side does block in the evening before sleep and when I wake. I know this, because I fail to carry out pranayama, where you breathe in through one nostril and out through another. I also cannot fall asleep on my back.
    The article may give insight into our poor quality of sleep. At a recent yoga workshop I was given ideas to reach deep sleep, namely Shavasana / corpse pose, but I’m not convinced it can tackle actual respiratory problems such as upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS).
    One thing is for certain – sleep is as vital as breathing and eating for good health. So this page really needs to find some sort of answer.

    I don’t know the % of the people here who may think they have UARS, or what are the linking factors, but I wish there was a way we could find out!

  193. I read so many street light comments I had to comment and say that happens to me too…there was a streetlight on the corner of my old street and every single time I drove/walked underneath it it turned off…I thought its sensor was reversed or something but this happened to me when I was a kid too.

    Does anybody else experience sleep paralysis? This seems to be the root of all my dream/sleep problems. I had always wished for some sort of technology that I could hook my brain up to to record my dreams every night…I have noticed that talking about my dreams the next day helps A LOT with the lingering feeling they give me. They are not often “nightmares” but they are always stressful, i.e. I can’t make a phone call, I can’t find my house, I can’t get dressed, last night i dreamt there was an unfriendly dog behind a door that I could not shut.

    Sometimes I literally feel like I can’t stop dreaming, like my dream is dragging me back to sleep, like a very strong magnet…

    I agree that exercising helps tremendously…probably something like wear your body out enough that sleeping is used for its recovery and not for your imagination to run wild..

    I have always been very intrigued by my dreaming and sleep paralysis, sometimes I feel like I am going into an alternate universe while I’m dreaming and living out a different life.

    Good luck to everybody, we can’t stop sleeping so try to make the best of it. My dreams make great stories at work in the morning (sometimes I feel like people don’t even believe them!).

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  195. i just got a full 11 and a half hour sleep….. 11 hours! and i am still dropping off, da fuq is goin on? if it helps my dream involved dolphins beaching themselves on a beach that was a cross between a welsh beach i know of and a swiss beach i know of, then i went through the back of shops to a scrap yard where i entered another building and my alarm went off.


    Hi all. I have read all 226 reactions (taken me well over an hour). Below I have made a summary of all the cures that were mentioned. I would suggest that people try these out (as will I) and post their own/evaluation.

    1) Drinking 1 glass of milk before going to bed.
    2) Meditation (transcendental meditation TM/mindfulness): helps cure an overstimulated mind that can’t stop thinking. Ever heard of the Highly Sensitive Person, a.k.a HSP? Google it now. Even if you’re not one of them, you’ll at least gain an insight in how necessary it is to take some rest every now and then.
    3) Yoga: pretty much does the same: it deals with the overload of sensory input received during the day. Also useful as exercise as it wears the body out.
    4) Exercise: (biking/walking/sports in general): I have read several accounts of people saying that this helped them sleep better. Makes sense to me: I too slept a lot better when I used to ride my bike to school (1 hr a day in total) than I do now.
    5) Emotional problems (depression/stress/anxiety): both from my own experiences as other posts above, I get the impression that when you suffer from depression/stress/anxiety, your sleep/dreams become messed up. I am well over a year beyond a depression myself (never took meds), but I believe that on a subconscious level, problems may still be present. My sleep was messed up as well all the time, and it still is. Taking to someone might help you sort out your issues, as well as your sleep. So even if you are happy, it might be worth your time talking to a professional and examining if you really are OK with yourself. Again, I see a lot of people here that suffer from these illnesses that have intense dreams.
    6) Anti-depressants/anxiety drugs: I read conflicting experiences about taking these: some people get too many or too intense dreams after TAKING them, others after they STOP taking them. My best guess is it messes up the serotonin levels, which contribute to the amount of intensity in your dreams. So I don’t really know what to do with these. In any case: the less chemical stuff in your body, the better, but that’s just my opinion.
    7) Taking magnesium before going to bed.
    8) Smoking cannabis before going to bed.
    9) Taking XTC. This is not something I would recommend (never tried it and never will). But someone above did say that taking X helped reduce the intensity of the dreams. This, again, might have had something to do with lowering the serotonin levels. But I would NOT advise anyone to do this.
    10) Routine: getting up at the same time everyday (especially when combined with exercise early in the morning – strange but it worked for me) seems to help feeling less tired. Same for going to bed every night. Might not reduce the intensity of the dreams, but it is worth a shot.

    There you have it: a summary of 226 posts. I hope that people will verify these cures and post their own. Let this be a collective effort to help all of us achieve a better life.

    I wish you all the best.


  197. I’m so glad that I found this site. I’ve been tired for many days since I’m still a student I barely get enough sleep and the hardest part is I”m having short or long bizarre dreams. When I woke up I really feel so tired that my body ached whole day.I’m experiencing it neither home nor school.I hope somebody from this site could give me a good tip about my worry!

    Good luck to all!


  198. Lately when I sleep, I have adventures that exhaust me, making my days incredibly difficult to get through. This is something that I’m sure you all can relate to……the experience of vivid and emotionally intense dreams are taxing on the mind and body. I’m glad I found his page.

    • It’s always good to know that you’re not alone. I’ve had active dreams all of my life. When I awake in the mornings, I’m still foggy with dreams, and I remember my dreams better than anyone I know. That’s because I’m still dreaming hard when I wake up. Exercising helps me to sleep more soundly.

  199. That is exactly what I experience most days. I can be in tears as I remember a particularly sad dream, or still scared if it’s been an anxiety dream. The other morning I’d dreamt (again) that I’d crunched my teeth up in my mouth and it was really vivid – blood and bits of teeth! Yuck! I had to check my mouth compulsively all morning checking I’d not lost any teeth!

  200. Marijuana is not a drug , I have done DMT, Acid, & Shrooms … &’ have this very same problem as you all. My dreams are very active. Insomnia always been a bitch but now this Exessive Lucid Vivid Dreaming is a BITCH ! 😀 I’m sure they just trying to tell us something about our past or Future lives ! We must connect the dots at all time. Peace and ONE LOVE

  201. Thank god !! I wake up several times during am am so shaken by the reality of my dreams it feels like I am in shock. So shaken at every awake interval
    I thought it’s in my head ( well it is ) but am not alone I see
    I wake after being ” asleep ” for 8-9 hours and feel like I have been hit by a bus , and I am literally trying to wake up for the next hour .. Groggy and really confused which doesn’t help when trying to start your day.. Total fog … Can’t tell anyone as no one would get it …
    Same as you all ..a night of solid deep non interrupted sleep is literally just a dream to me now now ..

    • By any chance, are you on a beta-blocker? I friend of mine recently started having this problem and adding beta blocker immediately preceeding her having this issue.

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