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An Auspicious Beginning . . .

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Last Tuesday, I was having a really hard time practicing during mysore class, probably due to low blood sugar and/or pms. It was getting toward the end of my practice and I felt like I wouldn’t have any energy left to walk out the door when I was done, so I skipped the last few postures of primary series. Skipped postures! This is something I have NEVER done during mysore, so I was feeling a wee bit criminal as I scurried away into the back corner of the room to start on my backbends. And then Surfer Dude calls out my name from half way across the room. Oh shit, I think, I’m going to have to explain myself and it’s going to sound really pathetic. He walks over and as I’m thinking of a way to explain that I’m really not a big old cheater, he asks if I want to start second series. Ha! My guilty conscious was all wrong, as usual. Now I get to cook up some second series magic at the studio, instead of just doing my renegade postures at home- – yeah, I’m ready. I was to start next Monday, after the moon day.

But the auspicious part (to me) is this: This Monday, after tacking on my four new second series postures to my usual primary, I stood up from my backbends without the use of a pad! Wa-haa!  I just sprung right up, nice and clean, and it felt as if I had been doing it all my life.  I think it was a combination of factors- – including having had a break for ladies’ holiday, drinking some coffee and juice before practice, and most importantly, having been practicing this damn trick for months- – but I think the little confidence-booster of moving on to second series helped me do it.  Silly but true.

So now I’m on the path of longer practices, getting up earlier, and having new kinds of soreness in my body.  I love it!  After having been in yoga-is-such-a-chore mode for a while, I’m definitely back in yoga-is-so-fun mode.  How refreshing.


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