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The Anti-NaBloPoMo

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Good god, I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since I’ve blogged! Time, as they say, flies. Especially when you suddenly start teaching six yoga classes a week. My recent teaching experience has reminded me of a few important facts:

1. I really enjoy teaching. The students I’ve been working with are great, and I love the feeling of sharing the yoga I’ve learned with other people. Warm fuzzies all around.

2. It’s really, really hard to get to bed at 8:30. Nay, impossible. Yet it’s the only way for me to get up at 5 and feel well-rested. So I’ve been a little tired every day since the 6 am course started. Blah.

3. Ashtanga yoga is hard! The students in my morning beginners intensive, who are all pretty enthusiastic learners, were nonetheless seriously dragging by the end of week two. So I’ve scaled back the intensity of the classes a bit- – just because a student can do something, doesn’t mean they need to.

And now I have to run to do my last few tasks at work and catch my bus. Zip, zip, zip around is all I seem to do lately. . .


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