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In teaching: I also started teaching yoga on a regular, paid sort of basis about three or four months ago. The business of it all has its fair share of annoyances and frustrations, but the teaching people yoga part has been fantastic.

I’m teaching not my beloved ashtanga, but (gasp!) generic flow yoga.  Turns out I’m actually quite happy with it. The “flow yoga” thing gives me the freedom to do what I need to do to make yoga accessible and engaging to people who otherwise might not be doing yoga at all, people who would be hesitant or unable to join a yoga studio. I’m learning that I need to spend a LOT of time just reminding people to breathe, encouraging them to actually be in their bodies, helping them to appreciate themselves wherever they’re at. People are chronically deprived of stillness, gentleness, and release, and it shows in their bodies. I hope in my teaching to create a space where people can experience these qualities–the up-dog, down-dog, strike-a-pose thing comes second.


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