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Ride the Wave

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Practice was crazy this morning in a lot of different ways. A few examples:

1) The shala was as full today as I’ve ever seen it. My glasses steamed up as soon as I entered the changing room, and the studio floor itself was quite thoroughly covered in bodies, which I had to pick my way through to wriggle into a spot D created by moving people around a bit. I often feel overwhelmed being in a space with a bunch of people, but this morning I just let that wash over me and pass. I think I’ve inadvertently learned how to do that by exposure therapy- – crowded bus sides six+ times a week, busy office, school events, etc. Hm. I’m becoming less jumpy.

2) I kept having this strange sensation- – and now that I’m trying to grasp at it, I realize I really have no way of explaining it- – but it was like. . . let’s say my practice normally feels like a little clarinet doodling away at it’s little clarinet melody, and today it felt like a symphony. Ok, not a symphony, but maybe a pit orchestra. But at any rate, polyphonic. On the physical level, I wasn’t really doing anything different, but I felt so much more flow, so much more dimension. Out of the blue.

3) In kapo, with assistance and with much effort, I made it to about 85% of my best version. Yet something crazy happened- – I feel like something in my chest and throat ripped open, not literally, thank god, but the feeling of a cord being broken was there. Pop! Very interesting. I wonder what comes of this. Maybe nothing.

Trying not to feel too graspy. I’d like to ride this little wave of woooaaaah as long as I can, but chances are I’ll feel strangely shitty starting sometime this afternoon and then I’ll feel kind of bummed out for feeling so shitty after such a great morning. Yoga highs are so mysterious. All I can do is feel it while it lasts.


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