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G#d@$mn F%#$&ng Yoga

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The things that were going through my head during practice this morning would make my grandmother faint.  My mind was being so grumpy!  My inner being became a pouting, sneering five-year-old with a overly-colorful vocabulary.  It was rather humorous to observe, really, but I couldn’t stop it.  Well, I guess it would be more accurate to say I didn’t try to stop it.  I’d be doing, say Setu Bandhasana, thinking, “Goddamn f@#king Setu Bandhasana,” all the way though, yet it would be a lovely posture.  I was enjoying myself during practice despite the pouty-grumpy mind.

So strange.  Strange things are happening with my practice in general.  Since my little pit-orchestra day, it’s like I’ve pulled out some kind of stopper, ripped off the duct tape, opened the floodgates of effing strange.  I’ve been having really long, vivid dreams.  I blame second series.  All this backbending craziness.  I’m trying to take it really easy in my progress through the series to keep the mental weirdness at a level I can manage.  Goddamn yoga.


One thought on “G#d@$mn F%#$&ng Yoga

  1. I wouldn’t have guessed you had such an odd practice this morning. During the few times I looked toward your side of the studio, you seemed as calm as usual.

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