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What the hell is “vita butt” and why are people googling it?

That’s all I have to say.


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I Love Home Practice

I love home practice. It’s peaceful, it’s cozy, and it allows me to participate in all kinds of super-criminal ashtangi behavior. Plus, I get to do yoga with my favorite person ever, Mr. Z, who is occasionally whiney whilst performing asana, yet has been patient/trusting enough to actually let me teach him yoga from the ground up. Anyway, my little brain/ear/nervous system problem prompted me to turn to a gentle home practice for a few days, which reminded me how lovely it can be to practice independently. Ahhh.


Expect the Unexpected

Well, in my last post about a week ago, I proclaimed that I would do my full practice with all the twosies all week long.  Unfortunately, I ran into a few hitches in my plan.  First, I ran into Ladies’ Holiday–duh, I should have seen that coming–it’s like clockwork.  Second, however, I ran into a truly unforeseeable hitch–a mysterious yet seemingly benign neurological disease that is as of yet unnamed.  Really.  It’s quite strange–I’ve been getting waves of intense vertigo with no accompanying symptoms, besides feelings of fatigue.  I’ll just be minding my own business–sitting in my office, for example, or buying groceries–and all the sudden it feels like the room is spinning and shaking.  It feels a bit like being drunk, only without the associated pleasantness.  Sometimes it lasts all day.

brain3.gif(Not so good these days.)

So. . . in lieu of my usual health care  strategy–waiting ’til it goes away, which didn’t work this time–I actually sought a bit of professional help.  The only professional help I can afford, that is–community acupuncture.  Having never received acupuncture before, I went in not expecting much.  Not expecting anything really, because although I have some faith in the principles of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, I’ve heard that it sometimes takes multiple treatments before any noticeable effects take place.  Turns out, it was AMAZING.  The acupuncturist set me up in this big cozy reclining chair and stuck me full of needles (ok, just 9 total) and left me to marinate in the needley goodness.  For the first 20 minutes or so, I just felt like I was rocking in a boat–I was feeling especially dizzy that day–but then it just stopped.  Just like that, the waters calmed.  I slowly began feeling more energetic and more clear-headed than I had been in days.  The acupuncturist came and de-needled me, I put on my coat and scarf, put my $25 into the pay-box, and I walked away feeling fantastic.  The clarity only lasted about 24 hours, but it was a great relief.  Thank you, CommuniChi!  I’ll be going back this week.

I’ve been doing some old-ladyish yin yoga at home, but this morning I finally felt able to return to yoga and do my twosies.   I tried to generally take it easy and be careful about my neck, a possible misalignment of which I suspect may be the source of my vertigo problems.  So far so good.


Plain Old Normal Yoga

I don’t know what to write about. Yoga has been so. . . normal this week. No exciting breakthroughs, no weird popping bits, no mental coprolalia (a medical term, fyi, it’s greek for shit-talk). I took a little break from my second series practice, which in my point of view at least partially explains the return to relative sanity and calm. Here’s something calm for you:


So is there any logic behind the idea that copious backbending (as in secondary series) messes with your nervous system and makes you a little crazy? All I have to go off here is a correlational study with n=1. Pretty weak. I’ll have to look into this.

I’m gonna do all my 2s every day next week like a good yoga student and see what happens.

In other news, the shala was practically empty on Tuesday, normal-full on Wednesday, and completely packed and steamy today (Thursday). Is it the moon?