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Gold Stars, Weird Yoga Injuries, and Snoopy Squirrels


To help keep me on track with my yoga in the absence of a teacher, Mr. Z devised a gold star system to reward me for good yogi behavior.  Just like a little kid’s chore chart–you know, brush your teeth every morning and evening without putting up a fuss and you get a dinosaur sticker on Saturday,  clean your bedroom four weekends in a row and get an ice cream sundae, that kind of thing.  For me, I have to do my full practice three times a week and at least partial practice three times a week to get one gold star.  I then accumulate gold stars, which I can exchange for dinner dates, back rubs, and the like.  I think it’s a pretty good deal.  So what if it’s completely ridiculous- – I like it!  Don’t hate on the inner preschooler.

So last week, week one, I got a gold star for doing full practice three days and partial practice three days, as planned.  This week . . . too bad there’s not a silver star option.  But it’s not too late!  My week ends on Saturday, so there’s still a chance to do one more full practice and earn my gold star.  Then I’m that much closer to an on-demand back rub.

I just hope my newest Weird Yoga Injury doesn’t hold me back tomorrow.  I stubbed my second toe on my schmancy Maduka Eko mat pretty hard whilst attempting a yoga photo shoot for my other blog and now blood is welling up at the nail bed.  God, I hope my toenail doesn’t fall off.  Methinks yoga and photography might just not go together. . .

And as long as I have my camera out,  for your viewing pleasure, a charming photo  of our resident squirrelly troublemaker:

Isn’t he cute?  Here he is again:


5 thoughts on “Gold Stars, Weird Yoga Injuries, and Snoopy Squirrels

  1. Wow, you have a great squirrel. Take good care of him!

  2. Haha- – he is a great squirrel – – always entertaining.

  3. I am a runner and I have had toenails fall off on both feet. It’s really not a big deal, although it doesn’t look pretty along the way. Nothing nail polish won’t cover.

  4. Yikes! So far my toe nails are still on, but think my actual toe bone is broken. Lucky me. 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh he’s so cute! Are all the squirrels in the PNW so light in color? In the Mid-West they are darker brown and I’ve seen so many grey ones of late.
    Sorry to hear about your toe BTW. :S

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