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My Manduka Mat Broke My Toe

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I think I actually broke my toe on a yoga mat. Not a brick, not a wall, not a 2×4, but a yoga mat. It takes a real spaz to pull off something like that.

The victim: my 2nd left distal phalange.

The culprit: the Eko mat.

The good news is that a somewhat broken toe doesn’t need much by way of treatment, and I can still hobble around and generally do yoga. The bad news is that vinyasas are out, as are Sun Sal B’s- – way too much maneuvering of the foot involved. And my whole lower body is achy from avoiding walking on my bad toe.



One thought on “My Manduka Mat Broke My Toe

  1. Hi Cara
    I think I had read your post regarding your toe mishap earlier and didn’t react; sorry for your accident. I have the same mat and do find that I have to use the Eko towel over the mat, and wet it down well, to get the right movement. I only use the mat for the prasarittas and maybe the beginning of dropback practice. Otherwise, the mat has too much grip.

    I see you love squirrels too. I posted two pictures a friend took on a recent trip to the Grand Canyon.


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