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Yoga Keeps Me Sane


Ah, yes, so that’s why I do yoga.  Daily.  It keeps me sane.  Or I suppose a better word is grounded– – more calm and connected to reality.  Less neurotic.  Unfortunately, I had to have a couple months of somewhat sporadic yogaing and increasing crazy-going to remind myself of that.  Bleh.  That’s over, thank goodness.  I’m back on the mat and feeling MUCH BETTER.

Now I just need to find a way to stop over-committing myself to things I don’t want to do and under-committing myself to things I do want to do in general.


2 thoughts on “Yoga Keeps Me Sane

  1. Your post reminds me of that great feeling I used to get when I doing yoga. I am 20 weeks pregnant, and I am just starting to feel better. Needless to say, I have’t done much yoga in 10 weeks or so. Maybe it’s time to get on the mat again.

  2. It’s funny how it’s not so obvious how good it is until you’re not doing it. I had to become a crumpled grouch to realize I’m better off getting out of my warm bed and going to practice even when it’s cold and dark outside and I didn’t sleep as well as I’d wished.

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