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Radiator Salutations

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First, an apology to anyone who cares but mostly to myself: sorry for disappearing from the blogosphere for months without comment nor explanation! I have a tendency to occasionally disappear from people or things in real life too- – a real immature habit, but that’s a whole ‘nother book.  The main issue this time was that I was feeling terribly overwhelmed with grad school applications (on top of work, classes, volunteering at the hospital, community organizing, holiday-making, and trying to maintain a home yoga practice), and something had to go.  I was up to my ears in internal self-reflection, so I just couldn’t bring myself to blog on top of it all.  Alas.  I miss it.

Anyway, my radiator:


Oh, glorious radiator, my neopagan yuletide bonfire harkening the distant sun!  (I’m feeling . . . Shakespearian today.)  Seriously though, this radiator more than perhaps anything else has enabled my home practice to be reasonably successful, or at least extant.  I set the timer to have it on from 5 am to 7 am, so when I wake up and stumble into my yoga room (usually after making/drinking a cup of coffee), the room is at least over 60 F, unlike the rest of the house.  Then I turn on a lamp and light 5 candles (decadent, I know) to brighten the room in lieu of a rising sun, and yoga begins.  I keep the radiator ON, and by the time I get to floor poses, the temperature is pretty good.  I love you, programmable radiator.

I guess having a yoga room is pretty handy, too.  Our appartment just happened to have an extra room, and we didn’t need an office, we didn’t need a guest room, thus I established a yoga room.  Of course the living room would have worked fine, but there’s something really wonderful about having a dedicated space.


It’s obscured in this photo, but I have my ‘graduation gift’ from the Yoga Thailand teacher training up in the window- – a red and yellow silk scarf imprinted with a large unbroken OM and the Gayatri mantra.  ❤


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