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Mountain Pose


Skied up to a peak with an awesome view of Mt. Rainier this weekend! Yoga on the deck of High Hut:

Minty fresh:

What a nice mountain. Maybe one day i’ll climb it.

And finally, my ever-cheerful skiing partners (you wouldn’t guess from this pic that we’d just emerged from a rather grueling off-trail ordeal):


4 thoughts on “Mountain Pose

  1. Ashtanga abs — fierce!

  2. haha- – i’m totally flattered. i see “fat” and you see “abs.” some of that old body dysmorphia must be sticking around.

  3. It’s funny how those wacky ideas get into people’s heads, especially those of graceful, beautifully morphic people like you.

  4. Hello,
    The pictures doesn’t appear on the blog.
    Must be a wow moment!!
    Reduce Nursing stress.

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