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A Break

I’m thinking of officially retiring this blog, or at least taking a long break.  I started it a couple years ago when I was settling into my new life after school, travel, and a really awesome yoga teacher training.  This was a period of great growth and exploration for me, and I felt like I had a lot to write about, especially when it came to yoga.  Now I find I’m settling into a phase where yoga is in the daily background of my life, which is nice in its own way, but it speaks to me more quietly now.  I’m switching back to old-fashioned paper journaling right now.  Creating an archive to keep on a dusty bookshelf rather than to broadcast across the vast, dazzling interwebs.

I’m still reading other yogis’ blogs — it’s so nice to hear other perspectives and approaches to practice, and it’s helpful to be reminded there are people across the world practicing away every day, especially as I am going solo for the time being.  Thanks to all the passionate bloggers out there.  I may want to start blogging again when I start my intense professional training in a few months because my thoughts and emotions will certainly be flying, but then this will be a student-nurse blog, quite a different thing.  Or maybe not such a different thing.  I’m open to the possibilities!