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I’ve moved to Twitter.


Meet me at Two Wheels N Tofu!  Nanoblogging on yoga, cycling, nursing, food, Seattle, well-being and good living.


2 thoughts on “I’ve moved to Twitter.

  1. Not sure if you will get this post, but I’ve recently finished an article that examines Seane Corn and her Off the Mat, Into the World. I’m writing to you because your blog comes up when you search for yoga/racism. My article examines the various dimensions of privilege, cultural imperialism and racism involved in her program. I hope to start a conversation about yoga and racism in the spiritual activism community.

    Beyond Spiritual Activism: Creating a Just and Sustainable Movement for Change

    Be Scofield

  2. Cara, I am a reporter for Businessweek magazine and caught your recent tweet about Amazon Prime. I would like to talk to you about a story I’m working on about Prime. Can you drop me an email so I can get in touch? I am at bstone12 [at] and would love to talk any time.
    Brad Stone

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