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Yoga Keeps Me Sane

Ah, yes, so that’s why I do yoga.  Daily.  It keeps me sane.  Or I suppose a better word is grounded– – more calm and connected to reality.  Less neurotic.  Unfortunately, I had to have a couple months of somewhat sporadic yogaing and increasing crazy-going to remind myself of that.  Bleh.  That’s over, thank goodness.  I’m back on the mat and feeling MUCH BETTER.

Now I just need to find a way to stop over-committing myself to things I don’t want to do and under-committing myself to things I do want to do in general.



Natural Curiosity

Pop, pop, pop!  Some otters say hello at Heart Lake in Yellowstone.  (Click for more pics.)  We aren’t the only species curious about the world around us. . .

In other news, I’ve been in a terrible head-space for yoga lately- – I start doing sun salutations and it just brings out the crazy.  Not sure what’s going on with that exactly.  I’ve been getting kind of down on myself about it, but I suppose an approach of gentle curiosity might be more appropriate.


What’s With the Flying Elbows Namaste?

For real- – what’s going on here?  I always thought that for the namaste gesture or anjali mudra, you just put your palms together and that’s that.  So this elbows-up thing, is it a matter of personal taste?  Is it perhaps more formal, or more feminine?

Maybe you can tell whether one is a Type A or a Type B by the level of uprightness they bring to their elbows?  (Joking.)  And to see my most favoritest example of extreme elbows-up anjali mudra, you MUST check out the first few seconds of this vid:

My, does she have perky elbows.

So any ideas out there regarding proper elbow positioning options in namaste?  (Being kind of a type A myself, I don’t want to be doing it WRONG.)  : )


Rainy Blah Wednseday

This is mainly for the Pacific Northwesterners among us (and any others who may be experiencing a rainy blah Wednesday today).  What the heck?  It’s the middle of July!  Why is it 57 degrees and cloudy?!  Even for our northerly drizzle-land this is disappointing weather.

So anyway, I don’t know about you, but what I need on days like this is  a little silly, mindless entertainment.  So, if you will, sit back and enjoy the Count meets Cookie Monster.  🙂

Hahahaha!  Aaah, Sesame Street, you will always have a place in my heart.


Cultural Appropriation in Action

I’d like to highly recommend the following commentary from Bhakti Collective to all: Yoga Journal’s Abstract Impression of Bhakti. Although the author Kaushtuba das doesn’t frame it as such, in my mind it speaks to the kind of cultural appropriation that the Western “yoga scene” is unfortunately saturated with. I’m not in any way claiming to be innocent of any inappropriate appropriation myself (it’s hard to stay “pure” in this globalized world), but I do think that as mostly-Western-born-usually-white-almost-always-economically-privileged yoga students we do need to be aware of our responsibility in this arena. It can be extremely hard to discern between healthy cultural exchange and selfish cultural appropriation, but I believe that with self-education and reflection, we can at least make a start. What we seem to lack at the moment, however, (in the yoga world at least) is any method of accountability to those whose cultures we are learning/taking from.

Cultural appropriation and yoga. It’s a juicy topic, one that I have a hard time wrapping my head around sometimes. . . but it’s really a collective issue more than a personal one, so. . . any thoughts out there?

PS: Apologies to K-das if I may be taking his writing out of context! I simply found the topic a poignant starting point for a dialog I’m interested in having. Thx.