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Exploding Snot!

Practice was blah today, but I had a really fantastic nose-blowing experience before practice, so I’ll share that instead.  Please feel free to stop reading at this point.

So this morning before yoga, I felt inspired to do jala neti to clear out my nasal passages, which I do now and then if I feel a little stuffy.  Shortly after neti, I blew my nose, which produced this amazing crackly, exploding sound seemingly emanating from deep in my sinuses.  Wow!  Sure enough, this blow produced a good amount of snot.  The really great thing was that the super-snot-explosion kept happening every time I blew my nose.  Double wow!  All this snot coming from nowhere.  I felt so light and clear afterword- – it was like I didn’t even need to do yoga!  Weird to think I was carrying that gunk around in my schnoz without even knowing it.   I have long been a moderate fan of the neti pot, but now I love it.  Yayyy!