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Mountain Pose

Skied up to a peak with an awesome view of Mt. Rainier this weekend! Yoga on the deck of High Hut:

Minty fresh:

What a nice mountain. Maybe one day i’ll climb it.

And finally, my ever-cheerful skiing partners (you wouldn’t guess from this pic that we’d just emerged from a rather grueling off-trail ordeal):



Yoga Keeps Me Sane

Ah, yes, so that’s why I do yoga.  Daily.  It keeps me sane.  Or I suppose a better word is grounded– – more calm and connected to reality.  Less neurotic.  Unfortunately, I had to have a couple months of somewhat sporadic yogaing and increasing crazy-going to remind myself of that.  Bleh.  That’s over, thank goodness.  I’m back on the mat and feeling MUCH BETTER.

Now I just need to find a way to stop over-committing myself to things I don’t want to do and under-committing myself to things I do want to do in general.